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This Yoga Pratiman (Module) is specially designed for Professional and Executives.

Extreme materialism, superfluous stress and flawed understanding of happiness and success is misleading the decision makers of the society – the Professional and Executives. Their balance in life is lost and the purpose of life itself failing. Moreover, their life style and thinking influences rest of the society who holds them as role-models. Their lives and attitudes are important – for them and for the society as well.

The purpose of this 2 day workshop is to help them rediscover certain truths and live a balanced, happy and fulfilling life. The interactive conceptual sessions on ‘Understanding Happiness’, ‘Recognizing Stress’, ‘Knowing Thyself’ and ‘Discovering the Joy and Fulfillment in life’; accompanied by Yogic exercises and games give them blue-print for a future life leading to the real happiness, perfect health, abundant success – material and spiritual - and total fulfillment – personal and social - they actually desire. Must for the leaders of the society.

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