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Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Swami Vivekananda has said that even after he laid down his body, he would continue to work and inspire generations to come to carry on his unfinished work.We see it still happing. Swamiji does it in innumerable ways. The magnificent Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari is one such undying source of inspiration.

The Vivekananda Memorial, as it stands today, is a memorial to Swamiji as to Shri Ekanthji Ranade whose devotion to the work he had undertaken was inspired not by mere faith but by intellectual conviction.

At Kanyakumari - a unique symbol of unity and purity - is the Memorial of Swami Vivekananda, another symbol of the united aspiration of Nation. In the Memorial, there is a happy and harmonious blend of all the architectural beauty of the country. It is a symbol of unity because the whole nation wished, worked and contributed for it. Person from all states participated in its inauguration. It is also a Memorial, conceived and laboured for mainly by RSS swayamsevaks, blessed by Ramakrishna Mission, designed by Paramacharya of Kachi Kamakoti Peetham, and for which Swami Chinmayananda of Chinmay Mission gave the first donation.All the spiritual,culture and national organisations supported it.It is also a Memorial for which all State Governments and Central Government contributed.
Thus, the memorial became a focal point just as Kanyakumari is a meeting point for three seas.

Inaugurating the Rock Memorial on September 2, 1970, the President of India Shri V.V. Giri called upon fellow Indians to rise to the call of the nation.

Eknathji described beautifully uniqueness of Kanayakumari in his one speech in 1966.He gave the series of inspiring speeches on Vivekananda Rock Memorial to the first batch of Workers of Vivekananda Kendra which helped to clear idea behind VRM (Vivekananda Rock Memorial) and VK (Vivekananda Kendra).

Those series of speeches also available in different Indian languages.

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