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Yoga Pratiman for the Teachers.

Teachers are the role models for the next generation. How tomorrow’s society will be depends on the teachers who influence their students through their personality, conduct, courage and confidence. Thus a strong, confident teacher has an enduring impression on the Society, through his students. Such an important vocation is losing its luster these days and is largely due to the teachers themselves unaware of their power in shaping the society and their role in students’ lives.

To help teachers become aware of their power is the purpose of “SAMARTH” – Yoga Pratiman for Teachers. It is devised by Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari – spiritually oriented service mission.

This 2 ½ day workshop has the following sessions:

Session I: Proud to be a teacher - Never to be bogged down
Session II: Manifest the potential - Respond creatively
Session III: Take the whole responsibility – Have sense of fulfillment
Besides these interactive sessions that help dispel the doubts off teachers’ minds and infuse the right self-image and attitude; interactive games and exercises based on Yoga help make their personality rounded.

‘SAMARTH’  will help the participating teachers bring more happiness, success and fulfillment in their noble profession;  make them socially more important and influential. And live a more meaningful life.

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