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Yoga Satra And Pranayama Class ( Online) Report :  5 Satras

Vivekananda Kendra Mysore conducted 3 pranayama  satra from 04.06.2021 to 12.05.2021,  Morning 6.00 to 6.45, noon 10.00 to 10.30 and evening 6.00 to 6.45. All together 22 participated.
Yoga Satra:  Morning and evening , started on 14th to 27th June, Practice given to Protocol of International  Day of Yoga , Breathing , loosening exercises, Surya namaskara, Asanas, pranayama, Bhajans taught to participants. 32 people participated. 

Yoga varga: everyday 6 karyakartas from Mysore.

Kendra varga ( online) : on every Sunday 6.00 am to 7.15 am . 20 karyakartas attending regularly. Prayer, Shubashita, Bhajan, Viveka vani, Patriotic song, Yogasana, Games, Boudhik on Kendra Prayer. 

Bhajan Sandhya: on every Sunday 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm .( Guru, Ganesha, Shiva, Devi, Rama, Krishna, Mishra and Nirvanashatak)  24 people attending . Assam-7, Bangalore-7, Udupi-2, Mysore-7 , Maharastra-1  , Kerala- 3, and  4 families from Mysore are attending .

Morning Prayer on everyday 5.45 to  6.00.  6  karyakartas  attending
Vishwa parisara diwas on 5.6.2021 , saplings planted and distributed. 100 banana sapling planted at Yelwala . 
On Ekadashi day Vishnusahasranama chanting in online. 

Vimarsha: on 12th June Sri Ravi Kumar talked on the subject Hanuman – ideal for Karyakarta. 31 people attended in this vimarsha. On 26th Su. Soumya Didi given guidance on the subject Goal for Life. 16 attended. 

Covid Assistance: Provisions worth Rs. 3,800/- for 5 families of  Smt . Rangamma, Smt. Jayamma, Smt. Shivamma, Smt Rama bai, Sri Bassanna . weekly vegitables distribution for 9 families worth Rs. 100 per family.

Ananadalay: 2 places- One in Mysore 4 students . Bagalkote- 7 students  and  2 in online.
Paper bag making : 42 kgs bag prepared and sold @Rs.30/-.

Special Report

Vivekananda Kendra, Mysore conducted Sthaniya Karyakarta Prasikshan Shibir from 12th June 2021 to 23rd June 2021. Due to pandemic the KPS was held virtually on Google Meet. All the esteemed speakers guided our karyakartas with their invaluable knowledge on various topics.

On 12th June Sri Ravi Kumar spoke on the topic “Hanuman, The Ideal of a Karyakarta”. He characterized Hanuman and added why it is so important for a karyakarta to inculcate those in their life. 

On 14th June Sri Ramesh talked on “Ma. Eknathji and Vivekananda Rock Memorial”. He emphasized mainly on how Ma. Eknathji faced the challenges during construction of the rock memorial. And also he presented a video of the vrm construction. 

On 15th June Rishikesh Kumar spoke on “Swami Vivekananda’s life with patriotic dimension”. He talked about how swamiji built a broader picture of India and its spirituality. Adding swamiji’s work in uprising Indians in various ways and inspiring many patriots.

On 16th June all India general secretary of Vivekananda Kendra Ma. Bhanudas Ji addressed the meeting about “The problem that the society is facing and need of organized work”. He very presented the current situation of the society and its adversities. Further he guided all the karyakartas for working in an organized way to overcome all those adversities. 

On 17th June Sri Ravi Kumar briefed about “The Pariposhak Yojana” of Vivekananda Kendra. He clearly explained why subscriptions are made and how to make patrons.

On 18th June Dakshin Prant Sanghatak Ma. Radha Didi guided all the karyakartas on “Methodology for Conducting various Programmes and Baithaks”. She well explained each and every subtle aspects of conducting any programme. She spoke of the post programme activities like report writing and its importance. 

On 19th June Ma. Priyamvada Didi gave her talk on importance of “Anushasan” (Discipline) in one’s life. She guided everyone saying as banks of river help the stream to reach the ocean, so does discipline in our life. Her experience inspired all the karyakartas to be more disciplined.

On 20th June Sri Pravin Ji briefed about “Kendra Parichay”. He talked about Vivekananda Kendra objectives and explained all the service activities being done by Kendra. All karyakartas got a clearer picture of Kendra.

On 21st June Sri Shreenivasiah Ji expatiated about “Yoga – A way of life”. He educated everyone on Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and also spoke briefly on Ashtanga Yoga. It was a very knowledgeable session as all karyakartas learnt the history and importance of yoga in daily life.

On 22nd June Sri Nirag dave Ji guided on “Skill development for conducting Samskara Varga”. He gave his new ideas and techniques for planning and conducting Samskara Varga. Overall main objective being character and personality development of kids.

On 23rd June Ma. Lalitha Didi explained the “Meaning of Kendra Prayer and Shanti Mantra” in simpler way. All karyakartas understood the meanings and were made to sing with the very essence of the prayers.

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