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19th Acharya Prashikshan Shivir19th Acharya Prashikshan Shivir was organised from 1st to 25th April 2018. Total 117 participants (61sisters & 56brothers) from 50  Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya have been participated. The entire Shivir was organised with help of 12 members Team, and 117 particiapnts were organised into 9 ganas (5 sisters & 4 brothers) – Matrei, Sister Nivedita, Gijubhai Vadheka, Kasturba Gandhi, Chanakya, Jagadish Ch. Bose, APJ Abdul Kalam, S. Radhakrishnan & Laxminath Bezbaruah. Total 18 Gana Pramukhs and Saha Gana Pramukhs among the participants led the teams  Besides palaks for each gana from organising were there.


Participants                                             Sisters                     Brothers                Total       Schools

VKVs Arunachal Pradesh                        25                              34                       59            27

VKSPV, Assam & Nagaland                    24                              14                       38            15

VKVs       Andaman & Nicobor                 09                              05                       14            06

VKV Kallubalu                                          03                              00                       03            01

KGBV Baraf, Arunachal Pradesh             00                              01                       01            01

Others                                                       00                              02                       02               -

Total                                                          61                              56                     117            50


Organising team                                       08                              04                      12



Subject wise participants -


English                   22

Hindi                      08

Sanskrit                 05

Assamese               03

Maths                     23

Science                  19

Social Science         18

Computer Sc           05

PET                        08

Librarian                 05

Music                      01

Total                     117


Inaugural Session: In the Inaugural session on 1st April at 9.30am Ma. Nivedita didi, the Vice President of VK addressed in presence Ma. Bhanudas ji, the General Secretary of VK.  In her address she mentioned that Bharat is a Tapa Bhumi. We are fortunate to take birth here and every fortune is a responsibility. Hence being in Kanyakumari for 25 days we must find the purpose of our life where Swami Vivekananda got the Mission of his life, Devi Kanyakumari, the incarnation of Devi Parvati did penance in order get Lord Shiva. She also told the objective of the APS as

Enhancement of academic skill further. Our strength increases manifold when we are in a team. We have to carry our words through our deeds. An acharya should teach through one’s own achara i.e. attitude / behaviour.

Understanding our organisation, its objectives. Education by which one become selfless, we are to give that education.

Having clear idea about our country and its greatness. We need to know why we should be proud of our country.


Boudhik / Practice Sessions                                                                No of Sessions


Bharateeya Sanskriti                                                                                18            (including 1 Q & A session)


Academic Sessions                                                                         


Micro teaching 21

Lesson Plan        02

Counselling 03

Soft Skills 06

How to do Effective group discussion 01

Effective school administration- Teachers’ role 01

Model classes 04    (in parallel 5 subjects teams)


Academic Practice sessions


Micro teaching Practice 6 (in parallel 6 subject teams- all 117 teachers got opportunity to demonstrate 2 rounds teaching skills)

Model class practice by Participants 02 (17 Participating teachers took full class in 5 parallel subject teams)


Other sessions-                                                                                                    


VKVs so far & road ahead 02

Bhagat Gita for teachers 01

Prerana shrot 05

VRM 02

VK – a thought movement 01

Karma yoga 02

Yoga – the core of VK 01

Teachers as Karyakartas 01

Team work 01

Inaugural & Valedictory 02


Group discussions & Presentations                                                                                                    


Case studies in classrooms 02 

Effective use of school Library- Teacher’ Role 03                                                  

Education- compilation from the lectures of Swami Vivekananda 02        

Teacher as Karyakarta                                                                              1


Total 90


Other activities                                                      


Pratah Smaran

Bhajan Sandhya

Geet Abhyas  - Total Songs-  7, Mantras-5, Sloka- Karma yoga & Stotras – 2 (Ganga stotra &, Lingastakam)

Yoga  & Pranayam Abhyas – (breathing exercises-2, Loosening exercises-10, Suryanamaskar, Asans-9 in Standing, Sitting Prone & Supine posture, Pranayams- 3)

Kendra Varga – 7 days (Besides other activities … discussion on- Man Making Nation Building, Serve Man Serve God, Karma yoga- Ekanisthah, Ideal teacher, each soul is potentially divine, Story from Life of Swami Vivekananda)

Shrama Sanskar

Krida yoga (Ajna-12, Games -28 including PSP)

Prerana se Punarutthan

Life story of Sister Nivedita (12 days in PSP)

School Assembly – School Prayer, Pledge, News, thoughts, song/story/ Significance of the day/ Quiz/ Great lives, National anthem etc.


Individual & team assessments


Extempore speech


Group song (patriotic)



Self-assessment by participants

Individual assessment on punctuality, participation & performance on Boudhik sessions, School assembly, yoga / Kendra varga, Prerana se punarutthan

Team assessment on – Shram sanskar, Food serving, Kakshya vyavastha & board writing etc.

Other Sources of Inspiration - Visits to places

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Marita Malai

Suchindrum  Temple– the Great Siva temple

Vivekananda Puram Campus like -



Ramayan Darshanam, Bharatmata Sadanam

Swami Vivekananda Pictorial exhibition

Gangotri – an exhibition on Ma. Eknathji’s work

Gramadoy darshan park

Vivekananda Mandapam & Ma, Eknathji Samadhi sthal

Persons taken Boudhik sessions

1.     Ma. Nivedita didi

2.     Ma. Bhanudasji

3.     Ma. Hanumanth Raoji

4.     Sri Rupesh ji

5.     Su. Reboti didi

6.     Su. Radha didi

7.     Sri Suvan Sett

8.     Smt. Koing didi

9.     Sri Kamalakant

Resource persons for academic Sessions

10.  Dr. Meenakshi Barve, Maharastra

11.  Smt. K Jaya Ranjini, National Institute of Public Cooperation & Child Development (NIPCCD)

12.  Smt. Susheel K. Bijoy, Free-lancer, Bangalore

13.  Sri PM Unnikrishnan, VKV APT

14.  Sri Ritwik Chakraborty, VKV Baragolai

15.  Sri SNT Rajaram, Kanyakumari

16.  Sri Ranjit Purkayastha, VKV Baragolai

17.  Sri Dhan Pradhan, VKV Umrangso

18.  Sri A Krishnan, VKV Roing

19.  Sri Ajay Kumar, VKV Oyan

20.  Dr. Rajendra Kakde, VKV Itanaga

21.  Sri R. Murgan, VKV Dollumgmukh

22.  Sri Sylvan, VKV Kanyakumari


Samapan / Ahuti Satra :


Ma. Hanumanth Rao ji with an example of - a seed can become a tree and capacity to grow another tree if taken care properly other wise not. He stressed the importance of nurturing properly a child. If not taken care properly what the child will become we don’t know. The child may not grow as desired if not taken care properly. He mentioned the role of Rishi Viswamitra and Vasistha in the growth of Sri Ram. A child respects & beliefs a teacher more than a parent. In a class of 40 minutes not just a subject is taught, but the process of Man Making is done, a biological life is transferred to a spiritual life. We must be responsible teachers maintaining a high academic standard.


Ad. Rupesh ji briefed the meaning of Ahuti citing the example of Sahid Bhagat Singh, Pandit Chandra Sekhar Azad, Guru Govind Singh, Rani Gaideanlieu, Sister Nivedita etc. He urged the teachers to dedicate more time, full time through the Kendra for the service of the Nation.

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