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Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Barak Vibhag Sthanik Karyakarta Prasikshan Shibir was conducted from 21st July 2017 to 26th July 2017 at VKV Ramnagar. 36  participants (18 Brothers and 18 Sisters) were present there from different places of Barak Vibhag likely Badarpur, Borojalenga, Silchar, Jaipur, Umrangsho. 17 members  of Organizing Team (13 Brothers and 4 Sisters) and 12 Staff members were present for the disciplined work of the shibir as a team. 

Organising team was reported on 19th July 2017 and Shibir started on 21st July 2017 at 4pm with the registration of the participants. After that Bhajan Sandhiya was done. On Inaugural session Sri Pannalal Bakshi, Sri Niharendu Dhar dada and Sri Ardhendu Dutta dada were present on dias. They motivated the students and spoke on obeying the rules and regulations of the camp.                                

Shibir Adhikari: Sri Ardhendu Dutta dada, Shibir Pramukh: Sri Prasanta Chakraborty dada , Boudhik Pramukh: Kathamrita Bhattacharjee didi, Sharirik Pramukh: Sri Jitendra dada, Shibir Nirikshak: Sri Bijon Saha dada, Vyavastha Pramukh: Sri B M Naidu sir, Vyavastha Saha Pramukh: Smt Lipika Didi, Geet Mantra Pramukh: Kum Ratnadeepa didi, Abash Vyavastha Pramukh: Sri Partho Narayan Singha dada, Bhojan Vyavastha Pramukh: Sri Ram Suvog kairi dada. (from Pranta : Sri Kalamkanta dada were present in the boithok for overall Nirikshak of KPS)

Participants were divided in four Ganas namely  Acharya Jagadish Chandra (Gana Pramukh-Sajal Das) , Rishi Arabinda (Gana Pramukh-Rajdeep Sen) , Kabiguru Rabindranath (Gana Pramukh- Bikram Chetri) and Bhagini Nivedita (Gana Pramukh- Priyanka Dutta). 

Satra – I The Boudhik sessions were “Amader Prerona Srot Swami Vivekananda (Ad Niharendu Dhar ), on 22nd July , Amader Gourav Moyee Bharat (Ad Arun Sen),on 23rd July, The need of Organized Work (Ad Ardhendu Dutta), on 24th July and Kendra Prarthana ( Ad Bijon Saha) on 25th July 2017”.

Satra –II  The Boudhik sessions were “Vivekananda Kendra (Ad Ratnankur Bhattacharjee), on 22nd July , The story of Vivekananda Rock Memorial  (Ad Sanjeev Bhattacharjee) on 23rd July, Karyapaddhati (Kum Kathamrita Bhattacharjee), on 24th July and Karyakarta Ka Gun Vikash (Ad Khaunish Chakraborty) on 25th July 2017”. 

Manthan satra :    In Manthan, a chapter from Rousing Call to Hindu Nation “Punya Bhumi” (Summed up by Sri Raja Bhattacharjee),  A chapter from Sadhana of service”Atma paribarthanar Prerna” (summed up by Nilendu Dhar dada),  A chapter from Sadhana of service “Sevamulak Karya” (Summed up by Sri B M Naidu Sir) was discussed by the participants in Ganas and presented by one of the member of  Gana.                                                       

In Patheya the Topics were Utsavs ( Ad Lipika didi), Sanskar Varga (Ad Jitendra dada), Vivekananda Kendra (Ad Kamalakant dada), Video of Anandalaya was also shown in this session. 

One session was there as “Subhasish” after Bhajan Sandhiya everyday  where some established persons from society came and blessed the participants. Namely Dr. S K Nandi Purkayastha (Renowned doctor) , Sri Madhav Roy ( Statistical  Officer), Sri Mulchand Baid (Renowned Merchant), Sri Ananda Roy ( Engineer).    

Other regular sessions were Geeta Path, Kendra Varga, Sanskar Varga, Shram Sanskar, Agna abhyas, Bhajan Sandhiya, Prerna Se Punarutthan. Video of rock Memorial was also shown in  Prerna Se Punarutthan.

On 25th July Manthan session, Niyojan was done by the participants mainly for conducting Sanskar Varga and Personality Development Camp in Schools. Participants made teams of 3 members each and given schools name where they will conduct Sanskar Varga and PDC. The date for the next meeting regarding this matter was also finalized. 

Samapan satra (26th July 2017): Sri Pannalal Bakshi ,Vibhag Sanchalak  and Sri Ardhendu Dutta, Vibhag Vyavastha Pramukh and Sri Prashanta Chakaraborty, Principal VKV Badarapur were present.

Sri Ardhendu Dutta dada, Sibir Adhikari read out the shibir report and three Kary kartha was shared  their experiences in the shibir and Ahuti satra (Ad Prasanta Chakraborty).

Shibir geet Navin parva ke liye ..... was sung together.

Sri Pannalal Bakshi stressed on the point that whatever we learnt, will only be fruitful when we spread the messages of Swami Vivekananda, for that we have to devote some time each for the society.

All offered flowers to ‘Om kar’ and took pledge to devote some time for the society.


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