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Kendra Darshan Shibir 2015 Kendra Darshan Shibir was organized at Vivekanandapuram Kanyakumari for the ‘Vanaprasthi’ karyakartas. 14 Brothers & 5 Sisters total 19 participated. They are working at Andaman, Arunachal, Assam,  Karnataka, Maharashtra & Tamilnadu.

As per the shibir routine set by the Kendra this too started at 0430 hrs wake up & 2200 hrs lights off.

The inauguration of the shibir was by Adarneeya Shri Mamaji (Angirasji) & concluding was with Ahuti Satra by Mananeeya Balakrishnanji. Shri Bhanwar Singh Rajput (Prant Pramukh of MP) was Shibir Pramukh.

4 ganas – namely Bapuraoji, Vaswaniji, Dattaramji & Saraswatididi were chosen as all these Karyakartas worked with Ma Eknathji or were selected by him to work for the motherland through Kendra. Participants also were given the brief sketch of their contribution.

The sessions were on the subjects – purposeful life, panchakshari pancha prerana srot (Pranav Mantra, Bharatmata, Vivekananda, Eknathji & Kendra Prarthana), Safal & Sarthak Jeevan, Our Work, Challenges, Karmayoga, Hum Rishi Banen etc.

The group discussions were based on related topics from Sadhana of Service and Kendra Prathana.

The shibir was first of its kind for the Vanaprashis as specially organized in view of Mananneeya Ekanthji Janma Shati Parv.

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