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Awareness & Quick Response Game at Samskar VargaDhakshin Pranth Karyakartha Prashikshan shibir inaugurated on 26-05-2015 at 6.00 pm by Sri.Guna Sekaran,principal of Vivekananda Vidhya Mandhir, Harveypatti, who light the lamp and shibir Adhikari Sri.Selvaraj anna ,Nagar Pramukh VK Madurai gave introduction speech.

Sixteen karyakarthas attended this shibir. The sessions on various topics including Swamiji and Eknathji, Need of Vivekananda Kendra karya, Man making and Nation building by Sri.Arunnahendranji, Sri.Srinivasanji and Sri.Harishankarji respectively, enriched the thought clarity of karyakarthas. For Manthan sessions some topics from the book Sadhana of Service were discussed by Karyakarthas and presented. They include Live a purposeful life, ours is a national reconstruction work.At the times of Abhyas Satra many useful ideas on the topics like Sampark,Bhitak were discussed. Vivekananda Kendra’s organizational system was also explained to karyakarthas. Sanskar vargas lifted the confidence level of karyakarthas. And a nice vibration was felt by the times of bhajan.

Manthan - Group ThinkingThrough the Gana Bhitak,everyday the growth in the understanding of each karyakartha on thoughts was noticed. Many new games were learnt not only in the sanskar varga but also in the times of Prerana Se Punaruddhan.

All were inspired by the life incidents of Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade shared every night and planned to start new sanskar vargas at their respective places right immediately. In Ahuti Satra guidance was given by Bhuvaneshwarididi and all took sankalpa to work for our mother bharath through Kendra.

Totally the Shibir claimed to be a milestone in the seva journey of every karyakartha to think and work yet more efficiently.

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