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VENUE               :Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya M.H.S.S., Vivekananadapuram

CHIEF GUEST   :Dr.S.Sreelatha, Assistant Professor of English,

                             SreeAyyappa College for Women, Chunkankadai

SPECIAL GUEST: Smt.Thanalakshmi, TamilnaduVibhagPramuk.

                             Sus.RadhaDidi, DakshinPrantSangatak

  • The Program was hosted by Smt.Regila.
  • The program was initiated with an invocation song by Smt.S.D.Devi
  • The welcome address was presented by Smt.KrishnaKumari.
  • The importance of the day was delivered by Smt.K.Saranya.
  • I.Suganya who won the 1st prize in singing competition sang a beautiful song.
  • The key points of Chief Guest’s address;
  • Mother’s sacrifice is the highest of all sacrifices.
  • Every mothers must know the benefits of healthy food.
  • Mothers must teach their children the good habits, reading and chanting prayers.
  • The prizes were distributed to the winners of the mother’s day competitions.
  • The key points of Special Guest’s address, Smt.Thangalakshmi
  • According to our culture, we say “Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deivam”.  Mother is the superior to all.
  • Mother’s duty is to teach her child the good deeds.
  • They should develop the patriotism
  • We should be an example for others.
  • Vote of thanks was proposed by Smt.PalaniPriya.
  • The program was concluded with ‘Shanti Mantra’.

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