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* Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Udaipur Branch organised a 5 Day Parikasha De Hasate! Hasate! Yoga Pratimaan in Vidya Bhavan Public School.  This pratimaan helps students to come out of Exam fear and also to improve concentration, memory and confidence. The pratimaan includes interactive Sessions, games and Yogabhyas.22 students of class 10 participated in this pratimaan. Rajasthan Prant Sangathak Su. Pranjalididi, Shri. Sharad Singh, Bhilwara Vibhag sah - Sanchalak  Dr. Pukharaj Sukhlecha and Udaipur Sanyojak Shri. Ramesh Chandra Kumhar guided the students. 

Samarth Yoga Pratimaan was also organised for teachers in Vidya Bhavan Public School. Samarth helps a teacher to respond creatively to the situation which is apparently adverse. This works on Paradigm shift. 13 teachers from 2 institutes participated in the pratimaan. Yogabhyas, conceptual sessions and Games are well received by the participants.

* Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Bhilwara branch organised aa 4 day Samskar Varga Prashikshan Shibir from 10th May to 14th May.  The focus was on training of different aspects of Samskar Varga at Vinayak vidyapeeth Karoi. The sessions were on the Karykarta Gun like Agyapalan (Obedience), Deshbhakti (Patriotism), Development of Moral Values, Need of Samskar Varga for Nation Rebuilding. Naipunya Varga was also planned to improve the skills to conduct Samskar Varga more effectively. 74 samskar varga participants from 2 Nagars (Bhilwara, Gulabpura) and 1 Gramsthan (Karoi) participated in the camp. 5 Samskar Vaarga Parichay Karyashala were planned by the participants of this shibir to strengthen Samskar Varga. 

* A 5 day Samskar Varga Prashikshan Shibir was organised by Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Beawar Branch from 16th May to 20th May 2017. The participants were chosen from 6 Samskar Vargas in Beawar Nagar. 62 brothers and 28 sisters participated in the camp 15 karyakarta formed the organising team. Different topics like Life of Swami Vivekananda, Aise Bane Ham Bhi! , Samskar varga ki Avashyakata, Ajnapalan, Deshbhakti were dealt in sessions. 

* Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Braanch Beawar organised a 5 Day Pranayam Satra. The Theory and Practical sessions of Pranayam including Kapalbhati and Yogic Shwasan were conducted in Satra. 33 participants from Beawar city participated in the satra. Su. Pranjali Didi, Rajsthan Prant Sangathak guided the participants. 


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