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Guru Poornima was celebrated in VKV Vallioor to honour Veda vyasa who composed the vedas. It is actually a combinations of two Sanskrit words “Gu” and “Ru” “Gu” in Sanskrit means ignorance or darkness and “Ru” means the remover of the darkness. Basically the person who is responsible for removing the darkness is known as ‘Guru.’

Our correspondent Shri.S.K. Subramanian and our beloved principal Mrs. Andal presided over the function. Our teacher Mrs. Chandra Selvi gave the warm welcome speech. Mrs. Muthu Deiva Nayaki delivered the great speech about Vyasa Maharishi, our Vedas, Mahabharatha and also about the value of teachers.

Besides there were other programmes such as chanting of slogans and Guru songs.Patha Pooja were performed to our senior teachers by the students.  The test on Ramayana was conducted by Sriman trust students who won the prizes were appreciated by giving prizes. Conversation was displayed by the students about Guru Poornima. On that occasion students were asked to get the blessings from their class teacher. Our teacher Mrs. Muthulakshmi proposed the vote of thanks. Finally the function was concluded by Kendra prayer. Our correspondent Shri. S.K. Subramanian arranged the function in a grand manner.

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