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“There is an ascending evolution in nature which goes from the stone to the plant, from the plant to the animal, from the animal to man. Because man is, for the moment, the last rung at the summit of the ascending evolution, he considers himself as the final stage in this ascension and believes there can be nothing on earth superior to him.

In that he is mistaken. In his physical nature he is yet almost wholly an animal, a thinking and speaking animal, but still an animal in his material habits and instincts. Undoubtedly, nature cannot be satisfied with such an imperfect result” says Sri Aurobindo.  “Green Resilient Rameswaram” project is an attempt to evolve a new consciousness for a beautiful, harmonious and happy eco system.

This month newsletter has the following highlights

Dr.Sanjay Banerji in his blog writes on “ Life on Earth”

Regular Awareness Programmes on Solid Waste Management by Hand in Hand, India

Shri.M.Subramanian of C.P.R.Environmental Education Centre, writes about NakshatraVanam. This month he gives the details of Shami Tree which stands for Dhanishtha Nakshatra

Opening of a showroom by “Tribes India” at Rameswaram as a part of Livelihood Opportunities

Revival and Renovation of Traditional Water Bodies – Teertha Sankaranti of Neelakanta Teertham and Inauguration of RO Plant and Water Vending Machine

In Landscaping and Beautification, we have news about Greening of Mangalavanam and Abdul Kalam Library

In the Social Capital Section – Cleaning Work carried out by Volunteers from Maharashtra and opening of a new Balwadi building at Chinnapalem 

Finally the “Green Newsletter” by the students of Sri Parvathavarthini Amman Girls Higher Secondary School, Rameswaram

Click here for ​Green Ramewaram January 2018 month’s Newsletter

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