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Staniya Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir at RoingVivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti, Branch Roing organized a five days Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir from 10 to 15 April at  VKV  Roing. 54 Karyakarta participated in the Shibir. Shri Yashik Pertin (VKAJ Nagar Sanchalak and Shibir Pramukh) informed that the camp was organized To give future leaders a positive direction and to inculcate patriotism, Cultural value, self discipline and the attitude of Social Service, with the twine ideal of Vivekananda Kendra “Man Making-Nation Building” through the various sessions on yoga, lecture, concentration, memory development games, group discussion and lectures delivered by the resource persons.

The introduction of shibir was given by Shri Jatan Pulu, VKV APT trustee member, he stressed on the importance of building personality through education and urged the participants to set an example for others to follow. Shri A. Krishnan Principle of VKV Roing   took a session on “Discipline”. In his session he mentioned importance of discipline in  our life  and Discipline makes our character. Miss Sumila Lingge took session about “Swamij Life and Message”. She told inspiring biography of swamiji and Message. Miss Nasiya Mena (Sah Nagar Sanchalak) took a session on the topic of “Serva Man Serva God”. In his session she spoke without health, life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering.

Shri Sadananda Chaturvediji Senior teacher in VKV Roing gave a lecture on the topic “Ekanathji and Vivekananda Rock Memorial”. In his lecture he told about life of Shri Ekanathji and story of rock memorial.

Adarniya Sarita Didi Life worker of Vivekanand Kendra and Tinsukiya Nagar sanghtak  took a session about “Sampark Mantra and Tantra!”.  She told about Magnetic Personality, good Behavior, How to communicate people.

Adarniya Ashok Atale (Life worker of Vivekanand Kendra and Tezu nagar Sanghatak) took session about ‘’Karyapaddhati”. He gave important information about karyapaddhati of Vivekananda and gave detail explanation of Kendra Kendra Varga, Sanskar Varga , Swadhya Varga , Yoga Varga. Anarniya Kruleso Ngadong (Lohit Vibhagh Pramukh) took session about ‘’the qualities of a Karyakarta”. Who is Karyakarta? Who dont expect any kind of personal interest and money. Who take full responsibility of work with ideal of Vivekananda Kendra with full dedication. Shri Vinay Srivasatava Vyavastha Pramukh, Branch Roing spoke about “Utsav”.

“Ahuti Satra” was taken by Shri Taba Tatup, Prant Vyavatha Pramukh of Arunachal Prant Vivekananda Kendra briefly explain what our country now wants are muscles of irons and nerves of steel, gigantic wills which nothing can resist, which can penetrate into the mysterious and secrets of the universe and will accomplish their purpose in any fashion, even if it meant going down to the ocean, meeting death face to face. It is man-making religion that we want and urge the camp participant at least to practice one or two activity that was taught in the five day camp to improve oneself, and for the development of the Nation.

In the last day of Shibir 8 karyakartas took sankalpa join as a Alpkalin for one month.

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