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Mananeeya Parmeswaranji, Lakshamikumarididi, Balakrishnanji & Angirasji (Mamaji) On June 22nd - The Ceremony of Shatabhishekam started with Ganapati Homam (four Main Kalash & eighty small Kalash in which water was kept) in the evening in Patanjali (Yoga Hall) at Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari. As Karyakarta Prashikshan Shibir with 113 participants from the country is on, all the participants, well-wishers, Karyakartas from different places, like Mumbai, Pune, H’bad, Kerala, TN and many more from far of the places who specially came to attend this program and also locals (around 300) were present on the auspicious occasion. The Ceremony was conducted by the well versed of the VIDHI by the eminent 8/10 Purohits from Kanyakumari District under the guidance of Shri Shankar Bhat. The Ganapati Homam was performed with the Purna Aahuti and all had blessings and then had Prasad.

On June 23rd: from 6 o’clock onwards the Parayanam (which is special for this type of ceremony) was by the Purohit and at the same time at Maha Ekakshar Gnapati Temple Ganapati Homam for Kumbhabhishekam was performed- Gou (Cow with the new born calf), Gaj (Elephant) poja was performed and the procession from temple to Patanjali was led by the Elephant. Here at Patanjali again rituals were performed by chanting of Mantras and new Vastras (Clothes) were given to all four. After this then with Four Main Kalash & Eighty small Kalashas which are sanctified by Mantras all four Elders – Ma. Parmeswaranji (90 year), Lakshamididi (82 year), Balakrishnanji (80 year) and Mamaji (Angiras 82 year) were given ceremonial bath of each Kalasha which was carried by a Karyakarta, and each one performed Abhiskeka to all four which is considered a great honor  and took blessing by touching their feet. Then four elders wore a new clothes and it was concluded by taking blessings by them by each Karyakartas. Mananeeya Lakshamididi gave the benediction speech and ended with Shanti Mantra.

Om Shanti ! Shanti !! Shanti !!!

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