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It is then cheerful mind that is persevering.
It is the strong mind that hews its way through a thousand difficulties.

                                                  -Says Swami Vivekananda.

Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade was born on 19th November 1914. He was a selfless patriot and a fearless fighter, a great man maker, a great nation builder and a chosen gifted son of Bharath Matha. He was the architect of the idea and the structure of Vivekananda Rock Memorial that stands majestically on the rock at the feet of Bharath Matha. In a short span of period, Eknathji with his inviting efforts, shaped Vivekananda Kendra, as an important service mission in the country.  

Sadhna Diwas at VKV KanyaumariWe celebrated the 99th birthday of Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade in our school with the great enthusiasm. On the fine evening, the celebration was initiated with an invocation by VI Std students of V.K.V.

It is our culture to welcome the participants of the function. The welcome address was presented by Amisha of VII Std.

“Art, Science and Religion are but three different ways of expressing a single truth”.

On account of Children’s Day Celebration, various competitions were conducted. Sree Harini of VI Std won the 1st prize in primary level music competition. She sang a beautiful song.

“All powers and all purity and all greatness everything is in the soul”. Next, S.R.Vandhana of  XI Std, delivered the speech in English about the importance of the day.

Music is an art. The students of VIII Std, Sang a song to show the patriotism and it pleased our ears.

Next, Vishalini of XII Std, Inspired us with her enormous speech which made her win 1st prize in elocution competition.

Next, Suja of IX Std, who won the 1st prize in the secondary level in music competition sang a beautiful song. It melted our heart with melodious tune.

We were fortunate to have an eminent personality Dr. K.Sasi, who had obtained B.Tec and M.Tec degrees in Chemical Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology and got his doctorate degree in chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He won a gold medal at the National level from Indian Institute of metals for contribution in the field of Non-ferrous metallurgy. At present, he is the Principal of Rohini college of Engineering and Technology, Kanyakumari district.

Next, our honourable chief guest Dr.K.Sasi, the Principal of Rohini College of Engineering and Technology, addressed the gathering. He addressed about the importance of the day. He appreciated the talents of the students in the Science and Art Exhibition. He said that “Every table has a creativity, everyone has enthusiasm in their activities in the exhibition”. Real talents and real creativity should be encouraged and he expressed his views that the exhibition is “of the students, by the students and for the students”. He appreciated the students’ “spoken English and he reminded Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam’s words. “To Dream & Be High”.

Our special guest was Kalpana Mehta Didi, from Gujarat, who got the degree in Diplomo Electronics and Communication. She joined Vivekananda Kendra in the year 2008. She worked in various states like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh. At present she is the sanghatak of Panchakula,Haryana. She addressed the audience about the importance of the day. She said about the importance of the day. She said about the construction of Rock Memorial. She advised the students to have scientific approach and direct approach in their activities. She expressed that the students should get inspiration from the great leaders of our nation and they should have a great patience in their life.

“Keep a winning attitude, you can never lose”. Various competitions had been conducted in our school on this happiest occasion and many students participated and won the prizes. The winners were honoured by giving away the prizes. The honourable Chief Guest Dr. K. Sasi, distributed the prizes for the winners. The prize list was read out by Selvi.J.Sugirtha teacher.

Next,our principal, Shri.Abraham Lingom presented a memento to our honourable Chief Guest Dr.K.Sasi.

Next, the vote of thanks was proposed by Vivitha Singh of VIII Std.

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