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holisticHow to design an Eco-Education? Is that merely scientific facts and methods or something else along with all these?  In an excerpt from his article on the problem Prof. Christopher Uhl ponders over the problem: What do these students—indeed, what do all of us need to know to become environmentally literate and know to become more ecologically conscious?" And proceeds to answer.

Wake up Bharat! Light Enlighten the world!! Mahashibir - Kanyakumari12 जनवरी 2013 से भारत के प्रेरणापुरुष स्वामी स्वामी विवेकानंद जयंती के सार्ध शती समारोह वर्ष का प्रारंभ हो रहा है। इस समारोह के पूर्वतयारी के लिए कन्याकुमारी के विवेकान्द केंद्र मुख्यालय - विवेकानंदपुरम में  भारत जागो ! विश्व जगाओ !! महाशिबिर का आयोजन हुआ।
उत्तर भारत के २२ राज्य से 676 युवक युवती सहभागी।
शिबिर दायित्ववाली चमू - 230

शिबिर कालावधी - 12 अक्तूबर से 15 अक्तूबर



The approach road of VKV, Suklai was inaugurated on 25th April, 2012 by Sri Ganesh Kachari, EM, BTAD.Inauguration of Approach Road


Her Holiness Swamini Pramananda, fondly known as ‘Ammaji’, a highly regarded teacher of Vedanta and a spiritual guide, visited VKV Tinsukia during first week of May 2012 and conducted workshop/spiritual retreat for teachers and parents.

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