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Vivekananda kendra kanyakumari prant maharashtra had organized prant karyakarta prashikshan shibir from 2 june to 7 june, 2018. 40 brothers and 39 sisters , total 79 karyakartas participated in this shibir. Organizing team was with 12 brothers and 6 sisters. All the shibirathy got the guidance of ma. Bhanudasji ( all india general secretary) . 3 prant, kokan 9, devgiri 26, pashim maharashtra 35, vidarbha 24, total 97 karyakartas were involved in this prashikshan.

All the activities were conducted gansha. The names of ganas were satathya, druthi, anushashan, shraddha, atmavishwas, agnyadharakta, vijigishu vrutti. First 3 ganas were involved in yog varg, next 2 in sanskar varg, and last 2 in swadhay varg. Shibirathis  were directly conducting varg under the guidance of ganpramukh. Their confidence was increased for organizing karyapaddthi. Clarity of thought about kendra was given through lectures panch preranastrot, samarasta, man making and nation building, chatusutri, karyapaddthi, anushashan and dayitvabodh. For practical subjects like aapale utsav, baithak, vyavastha abhyas varg was conducted. In manthan they discussed on topics dincharya, nation building, dharmachakra, karyakarta gunvishesh. They learned 5 patriotic songs and 6 bhajans. Shibir geet was rastrabhakti le rudayme ….

In vijaykshan they got inspired throuh story of conquoring mount everest by civitians, ma. Eknathji, kendra vishesh parichay. Morning all took experience of kendra varg were more stress was on learning yogasan and pranayam, gita chanting. Shramsanskar was enjoyed by all by doing work like making road, goseva, plantation and others. They also took pratical experience of sampark in three villages pimpalad, shirasgao, sapgao. They conducted sanskar varg and highly inspired by hospitality of villagers. They understood their problems. 

In niyojan session they gave us promise to start 30 sanskar varg, 19 swadhay varg, 7 yog varg at their respective places. They are ready to work for bharatiy sanskruti pariksha. Also they will attend next year

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