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The Indian tendency, on the other hand, to represent the ideal, the supersensual, has become degraded into painting grotesque images. Now, true Art can be compared to a lily which springs from the ground, takes its nourishment from the ground, is in touch with the ground, and yet is quite high above it. So Art must be in touch with nature — and wherever that touch is gone, Art degenerates — yet it must be above nature. Art is — representing the beautiful. There must be Art in everything.
    -Swami Vivekananda

Homage to Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar (Malayalam:ചെമ്പൈ വൈദ്യനാഥ ഭാഗവതർ, b. 1 September 1896, d. 16 October 1974),was a Carnatic music singer from Palakkad (state of Kerala, India)     Read More

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ubdaywakroUniversal Brotherhood Day Celebrated at Wakro  
Vivekananda Kendra is a thought movement, a spiritually oriented service mission. Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti Wakro has organized Universal Brotherhood Day at the Apana Vidya Bhawan, Wakro.        Read More

Safal Yuva - Yuva Bharat Prashikshan at Tezu  
Safal Yuva - Yuva Bharat Presentation is based on success story on Vivekananda Rock Memorial has been Prashikshan at Tezu.         Read More

namsaiVimarsh organised at Namsai   
At 07.10.2014 Vivekananda kendra Arun Jyoti, Namsai organised  “VIMARSHA” program a dialogue for creative leaders topic on ‘Timeless India-Resurgent India’ at Arunachal University of Studies hall Namsai.      Read More

Vimarsh organised at Tezu   
Vivekananda kendra Arun Jyoti, Tezu organised “VIMARSHA” program a dialouge for creative leaders topic on ‘Timeless India - Resurgent India’ at VKV hall Tezu.    Read More

Yuva Vimarsh - A Dialouge For Creative Leaders   
08.10.2014 Ignited Youth Forum of Vivekananda Kendra organised “YUVA VIMARSHA” a dialogue for creative leaders at IGG college Tezu.        Read More

sanskarvargasamelan1Sanskar Varga Sammelan at Tezu   
Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti, Tezu has organized One day Sanskar Varga Sammelan specially designed for the Karyakarta of Tezu on 12th October 2014 at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Tezu, There were 37 participant in the camp.        Read More

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Jesus, Christianity and Swami Vivekananda   
jesus_2Author: Virag Pachpore
Publication Year: June - 2014
Edition: 1
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 192
Price: 80

Read More

Yuva Bharati : Editorial : Oct - 2014
Yuva%20Bharati%20Magazineoct2014Need for Integral Education   

Manjul Bhargava became one of the youngest fulltime professors at Princeton University when he was 28. At 40 he is again one of the youngest mathematician to have won the prestigious ‘Fields Medal’ the Nobel equivalent for Mathematics. His work extends the work of classical mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. His parents, especially his mother Mira Bhargava, herself a mathematician and grandparents interested him in Sanskrit literature. Bhargava sees his work as a continuation of the legacy of Brahmagupta.        Read More

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भारत की आध्यत्मिक चेतना : मा. निवेदितादीदी
राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी : जनजातीय समाज एवं जन संचार माध्यम : 18-20 June 2012 at Bhopal.

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