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Love- Love is God : "None, O beloved, loves the husband for the husband's sake, but for the Self that is in the husband; none, O beloved, ever loves the wife for the wife's sake, but for the Self that is in the wife. None ever loves anything else, except for the Self." Even this selfishness which is so much condemned, is but a manifestation of same love. Stand aside from this play, do not mix in it, but see this wonderful panorama, this grand drama, played scene after scene, and hear this wonderful harmony; all are manifestation of the same love. Even in the selfishness, that self will multiply, grow and grow. That one self, the one man,  will become two selves when he gets married; several, when he gets children; and thus he grows until he feels the whole world as his Self, the whole universe as his Self. He expands into one mass of universal love, infinite love - the love that is God.                --Swami Vivekananda

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Released Books on Ma. Eknathji Janmashati Parva       
Books released in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati         Read More

Released book in Bangla on Ma. Eknathji      
On 10th August, on the auspicious day of Rakshabhandhan - Sravani Purnima, there was a book release in Bangla on Mananeeya Eknathji - "Ekanath ji Ek Ananya Mahapurush".            Read More

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Arunachal Pradesh Trust June and July Month Report   
Swami Vivekananda always stressed the need of the harmonious development of heart and head in Education. We have many activities for the cognitive development but very few for the heart. We need to aim that our children and co –workers feel secured and loved and for that we should be affectionate towards them. The growth of the heart is possible only when one is aware of the needs of the people around.         Read More   

Samarpan - Annual Report of Vedic Vision Foundation 2013-2014     
As always it is a pleasure to look back on the year and offer our grateful thanks to all our trustees, members of the managing committee of Vivekananda Kendra and well wishers who are part of Vivekananda Kendra family at Kodungallur. May the most elevating vedic vision of our seers ever guide us in all that we do so that, our great Motherland regains her ancient glory and be seated as the Jagat Guru blessing the entire humanity.           Read More 

"Safal YUVA - YUVA Bharat" Trainers' Training Program at Hyderabad   
A Training Program for training presenters for “Born to Succeed” Presentation was held on 9th August at Kaushalam, Hyderabad.            Read More

MEJSP Karyakrta prashikshan karyashala - Haryana   
One day Mananeeya Eknathji Janmasatapdi Parva Karyakrta prashikshan karyashala was organised in Panipat, Haryana on 27 July 2014.Dr. Rajbir Dabur, parva prashikshan pramukh of Haryana spoke on Mananeeya Eknathji.            Read More

Upcoming Events :

  • TREET - Vivekananda Kendra's latest Yoga-based programme        Read More
  • યોગ શિક્ષા શિબિર : રાજકોટ, ગુજરાત            Read More
  • Vibrant Mind & Spirituality for steel will workshop            Read More
  • Samarth at VKV Tinsukia           Read More

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 केन्द्र भारती : संपादकीय (अगस्त २०१४)    For Subscription                                        
K-B%28AUgस्मिता का फलितार्थ    
बचपन से मिले संस्कार, शिक्षा और संस्कृति के साथ संसार में कदम रखने वाला व्यक्ति, जब अच्छी-बुरी परिस्थितियों से गुजरता है, तो संसारी अनुभूतियों के साथ मिले अहं से उसका जो व्यक्तित्व बनाता है- वहीँ उसकी अस्मिता कहलाती है I अपने वज़ूद को कायम रखने के प्रयास में उसका अहंकारी हो जाना स्वाभाविक है और इसी के चलते अपने-अपने स्वार्थों के वशीभूत लोग, उसके प्रशंसक और निंदक हो जाते है I वाद-विवाद या बहस की जड़ें अपने-अपने अहं से खुराक लेती रहती हैं I आत्म-गौरव इसका सकारात्मक पक्ष है, तो झूठा अभिमान नकारात्मक पक्ष I सारा संसार इन दोनों पक्षों के बीच पेंडुलम की तरह झूलता रहता है I            विस्तृत

Vivekananda Kendra Patrika : August 2014 Editorial        For Subscription
K-B%28AUgFacets of SWAMI VIVEKANANDA-II       
Of all the spiritual seers in the history of humanity Swami Vivekananda is unique. His was a mission set in a condition almost utterly negative all around. India was colonized by the British. Colonialism was seen as not just a political conquest but also as a socio-economic conquest and more importantly as a spiritual conquest of India by the West. The Western Imperialism justified and positioned itself as a civilizing mission of the dark-skinned pagan ‘Hindoos’. On the other side India was suffering from the internal problems caused by social stagnation.            Read More

Celebration at Assam
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