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"An aggregate or a congregation of men does not make a nation, nor do the geographical area and duration of time qualify a society to be known as a nation. A government formed on such a basis can be called a state, but not a nation. It is common goal or mission that makes a nation. All the constituents strive collectively for something noble. Service with spiritual orientation results in man-making which invariably and inseparably connected with nation building." It is the core of all the thoughts behind Vivekananda Kendra.

Vivekananda Kendra as second Phase of Vivekananda Rock Memorial was parallel when Rock Memorial was taking shape. As Eknathji used to say "To put up a Cement and Concrete structure is not the work for which I am born, I am to erect a living and dynamic monument which will be worthy of Swami Vivekananda and which will be capable of bringing into fruition his grand vision of future India."

Ma. Eknathji also have idea about training of such type of worker who give their life for nations. Such one training center is in Kanyakuamri another is in Maharastra in Pimplad near Trambakeswar - the land of Lord Shiva. It is land of sadhana, there were lots of sages from Nath - Sampraday (Sect) who used to did sadhana over here. But because of lots of ignore that place from long time and because of wine industrialization, the condition of people is very poor. If woman of home collect dry wood on sunday from than it makes possible to cook food at their home. People don't have enough clothes to wear. So Kendra took intitative to start rural development work over there with this life - worker's training center. Following activities are carried out as part of rural development.

Educational Services (Non-formal Education)

  •  Balwadi
  •  Anandalaya
  •  Vivekashram
  •  Hostal for 50 boys

Health Services

  • Dispensaries
  • Visits by doctors to nearby villages
  • Arogya Rakshak
  • Referal hospital at Nasik    

Vocational Training

  • Tailoring
  • Agriculture
  • Go-Seva
  • Water Management
  • Computer-center
  • Vocational training for boys@

         RK Mission Sakvar - Mumbai, Vidyannasharm - Pabal

 Non-conventional Energy :

  • Bio-gas
  • Kandi kolsa
  • Smokeless Chula
  • Solar-enery : lights, cooker etc...

For Women :

  • Self-help group/Cottage insdustry

            Papad, Chatani, Laddu

  •  Awareness Camps

            literacy, health, strengthing

  • Professional Aids :

        Capital to needy people to start their own profession (Stand on their own lags)

Utsavs :

  • Kirtan
  • Siva Puja
  • Deep Puja


  • Medical/health awareness like dental, women, children...
  • Yoga
  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Stress Management Yoga Workshop
  • Personality Development
  • Karyakarta Praskhishan Sibir

Please contact :

At. Pimpalad
Post Trymbakeswar,
Dist.:Nasik, Maharashtra

Phone : +91-(0)2594-234077
Email : vkpvsp [at]

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