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Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, Branch-Gaya celebrated  Universal Brotherhood Day on 11 sept. On this occasion a Vimarsh was organised on the topic "Bhartiya Sanskrit me Vishwa Vandhutwa ki Avdharna aur iski prasangikta".  Programme started with 3 Omkaras and Shanti path followed by patriotic song. Dr V K Karan Nagar Sanchalak welcomed all present and introduced Dr Radhanand Singh the main speaker. Prof Arun kr Prasad Say Nagar Sanchalak gave Introductory lecture on the  topic. Later on The chief speaker Dr Radhanand Singh, eminent scholar and literature  elaborated in detail the topic of the day and quoting Upanishads and lectures of Swami ji at Chicago world Parliament of religions on 11th September and later on by his total 6 lectures stressed the relevance of concept of Vadudhaiv Kutumbakam even today.  Vote of thanks was given by SMT Veena Gupta Nagar Pramukh. Programme concluded with shanti mantra.

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