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Samskara Satra has been organized by Vivekananda Kendra, JP Nagar, Karyasthan, Bengaluru through Zoom from 17th May 2021 to 23rd May 2021.

In this one-week online Samskara Satra, around 81 Kids are participating.

The Program Includes below mentioned activities :

    ▪    Yoga By Mohini Didi and Koyal Didi
    ▪    Shloka and Geet from Padavali By Vidhya Didi and Kalyani Didi
    ▪    Story Telling By Aa. Radha Didi , Ashokan Ji, Nayana Didi and Lalita Didi
    ▪    Craft By Anupama Didi
    ▪    Action Songs By Raji Didi
    ▪    Games By Ashokan Ji

Today we completed the 2nd Day and all kids joined. Kids are enjoying the Satra and learning Samskara.

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