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Sadhana Divas in Godavari vibhag with total of 52 participants.
Venue: Nedunuru
Date- 21.11.2021
Upasthiti - 40
Sri Koyyapu Rama Krishna (President of Swami Vivekananda Yuvatha) did Jyothi prajvalana.  P V Krishna, introduced Eknath Ji to the gathering. Later a documentary on Eknathji was shown and the theme was discussed.


Venue:  Saibaba temple, Dummulapeta, Kakinada, E.Godavari Distt. Godavari Vibhag.
Date- 21.11.2021
Upasthiti - 12

Sh. K. Ramakrishna garu, Godavari Vibhag Samparka Pramukh spoke on Eknathji's life as a Sadhana. Sh. Chittibabu Garu, Jr. Lecturer in MSN Junior College, Kakinada spoke on a few inspiring incidences from the life of Eknathji. Sh. Srinivas Gandikota - Godavari Vibhag Sangathak spoke on Eknathji - a Unifying thread for the one-ness of our country through Vivekananda Rock Memorial & Vivekananda Kendra.

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