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Odisha Pranta Krayakarta Shibir

As scheduled the Odisha Pranta Krayakarta Shibir was organised  from 09.06.2021 to 13.06.2021. It was decided  to assign the responsibility of Yoga session of the Shibir that falls in the time slot 6.00-6.55 AM to various Nagar Sthans. Accordingly,  the day in which a particular Nagar  Sthan   took Yoga Varga had been given below.


Time Table


5.45 - 6.00 AM Pratahsmaran

6.00 - 6.55 AM Yoga Varga

6.55 - 7.00 AM Patriotic Song

7.00 - 7.30 AM Baudhik Satra

7.30 - 7.40 AM Interaction (Q&A)

7.40 AM           Shanti Mantra & KP


Yoga Varga


Date              Nagar Sthan

09.06.2021   Cuttack

10.06.2021   Kendujhar

11.06.2021   Brahmapur

12.06.2021   Baleswar

13.06.2021   Bhubaneswar


Baudhik Satra


Date              Topic and Speaker

--------              -----------------------------

09.06.2021 "VK Ek Baicharik Andolan": Ma.Bhanuji, Gen. Secy, VRM&VK, Kanyakumari.

10.06.2021 "UddeshyaPurna Jeebana": Ma. Kishoreji, Joint Gen. Secy, VRM&VK, Kanyakumari.

11.06.2021 "Adhyatma Prerit Seba Sangathan": Ma. HanumanthRaoji, Vice President, VRM&VK, Kanyakumari.

12.06.2021 "VK Samastanka Sammilana Sthala": Ma. Laxmi Bhai, Sangathaka Odisha Seba Praklapa and AICYAM,Bhubaneswar.

13.06.2021  "Sangathan: Purna Nistha": Ma. Nivedita didi, Vice President, VRM&VK, Kanyakumari

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