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Awakening through Ram-Katha ChinchwadVivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Branch  Chinchwad had arranged Shri Ram Katha from 09/04/2018 to 15/04/2018 at Shri Moraya Gosavi Samadhi Mandir playground where we had setup a huge mandap to accommodate nearly 2000 people daily for complete week.

Daily prasad was served to them. Shri Ram Katha was narrated by Samartha Bhakt Shri Makarand Buva Ramdasi who is an eminent speaker who had a very good command on the topic "Rashtra & Shri Ramayan" for today's youth. We had made an innovative effort to take help of all the organizations here in PCMC area to come and join us for this mega event. Now thanks to this mega event Vivekananda Kendra has reached homes of almost all of the PCMC residents. 

AroundWe managed to collect over 700kgs of groceries like rice, wheat, sugar, jaggery, oil, ghee, dry fruits etc, of which some part was used for prasad and remaining part is still being sent to needy village children at  Pimplad project (near Tryambakeshwar, Nashik). Many people have shown interest in joining our Kendra, many have donated significant amounts for this program. The feedback from all the participating organizations was tremendous and very positive. Everyone shown self-disciplined and well organized event after a very long time in PCMC area. In sequence of this another huge event is in the planning stage - International Yoga Day 2018 on 21/06/2018. 

Now our task is to followup with all connected people who had visited for the program and try to get their involvement in some way or other with Vivekananda Kendra activities like becoming a parton, donating for Amrut Surabhi, subscribing for our monthly magazines etc.

We even had a small program of Vivekananda Kendra book publication at the hands of Shri Sudhirji Joglekar and Shri Vishwasji on 12/04/2018. During this whole week we has conducted Yoga camp explaining the Panch Kosha and Pranayam daily from 6am to 8am, then we had arranged Geeta Recitation, Manache Shloka, Blood donation, Medical camp, Self defese camp for girls which was also attended by many people.

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