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GuruPoornima Celebration at KarnavatiGurupurnimaUtsav . A traditional festival which reminds us an importance of Guru in our lives. In this transformation process, Ethics of Guru are transformed gradually, thus his disciples become better citizens of the nation. In this way this is a festival of the celebration of that transformation. This is a festival by which we can give tribute to our Guru who made us knowledgeable, capable, spiritual etc.

Vivekanand Kendra -  Karnavati branch - paschimnagar celebrate this divine programme every year with variety of programme . This was held on 9.7.2017 during 4:00 to 5:00 pm on Kendra karyalaya . In the presence of 42 karyakartas and other new members, this programme was organised . Nagar did sampark through creative invitation card.  Last year the nagar had organisedBhajanSandhya . This year Nagar organisedBaudhik-a lecture on Gurupurnima which was actually message of Ma. Niveditadidi - Vice President of VivekanandKendra. ShriJankibenVaidya was the speaker and she nicely delivered the message of respected Didi . The lecture contained essence like why we celebrate this festival and how the Om is set as Guru of VivekanandKendra. She nicely explained kendraparthana's importance for Kendra Karyakartas. She also elucidate the stanzas of kendraparthana and how can we karyakarta fulfill the expectations of the Kendra. How should we do our kendrakarya and how can we increase our efficiency. We should be a good karyakarta , these types of points she delivered.


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