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VK Mysuru Weekly Activities report​​25.12.2017: Inauguration of Samartha Bharata Parva celebration at J S S Hostel, Nanjumalige vistar. Sri Rameshji, Prashikshna Pramukh was the main speaker. All samaskara varga students and karyakartas attended. Same day patriotic song competition held at Jayanagar. Smt. Mala Didi and Smt Vanita Bhat were the judges, more than 80 people attended. Bharata Mata pooja performed.

26.12.2017: song related to Swami Vivekananda organised. 20 people participated.

27.12.2017: Devotional song competition conducted, more than 100 people participated.

28.12.2017: Folk song competition organised more than 70 people participated. Swamiji’s Jayanti celebrated at Dasanoor village high school.

29.12.2017: Rangoli, Drawing, Quiz and patriotic , devotional, folk songs organised for elders. More than 100 people participated.  

Swadhayaya competition conducted at Govt High school Varkod for 92 students and Vivekananda School, Bannur for 287 students on Incidents from the Life of Swami Vivekananda.

31.12.2017: Drama workshop on Swamiji’s life and message for Samskara varga students held. 25 students attended and acted. 

01.01.2018: Kalpataru Diwas observed at Kendra karyalaya. Sri Ramesh, Teacher, Ramakrishna Vidyashala, Mysore was the chief guest. More than 50 people attended. 


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