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MEJSP concluding celebration "SAMIDHA" by Paschim Banga Pranta was held at Maharshi Dadhichi Bhavan on 20/12/2015 after his birthday celebration at 76/2, Bidhan Sarani on 19th November, the place wherefrom Eknathji used to run the  office of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Vivekananda kendra. After the Shantipath , Kaushik Sarkar's rendition of Geet "Satsah naman Sri Eknathji" made all to bow their heads with sraddha and samarpan. Sri Kinsuk Pallav Biswas introduced the Guests and deivered welcome address. He shared the experience of a VKV principal who was proud of being assiciated with VKV.The Chief Guest was Sri Sajjan Bhajanka an eminent industrialist and samajsevi, owner of Heritage School Kolkata who revealed the fact behind opening Arunachal Vidyalayas.He said  in late seventies the then Governor was K K Rajua who asked Eknathji to build up a school in that remote state of India, when Eknathji was looking for an opening to start the mission of 'Man Making'. He also mentioned that Eknathji always wanted youth with healthy body through 'Yoga', and nowadays Yoga University has been established in India.

Malavika Chatterjee produced MEJSP REPORT of five fold activities.SYYB program was conducted in purulia,siliguri, kharagpur, durgapur, uluberia, siuri, somrabazar, kalna, barrackpore, kolkata calcutta university ,Vivekananda university Camellia Institute took vital role. 24 yuva would attend the sarthak yuva samartha bharat shibir at kanyakumari.The activities expanded turning vibhags from 2 to 4. The publishing of 3 books are under process.2 pocket Books are released.The inaugural programme was held at Sri Sikshyayatan in presence of the Vice President of Kendra Ma. Nivedita Raghunath Bhide, Retd. Justice of supreme court Altamas Kabir and Swami Suhitananda Maharaj, Gen. Secy, Ramakrishna Mission. Belur.

The Chief speaker V. K. Tewari of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, explained his gratitude to Eknathji saying that he hadn't any idea on him before 1996. He was in Kanyakumari along with his family then and inspired most. He became a part of the mission. After describing the short life sketch of Eknathji and his mission he said that not only he himself was inspired by Eknathji but also he inspired his depressed students by informing them on Eknathji. The documentary film on Eknathji was shown.

Shri Sukamal Basu ,sah sanchalak concluded the programme with formal vote of thanks and Kinsuk Pallab Biswas introduced the men and women those who worked with Eknathji in Kolkata before end. Harshita Moondra anchor the programme and lastly Subhagni conducted the Shanti Mantra and kendra prarthana.

Mananeeya Eknathji Janma Sati Parva

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