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Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, Assam Prant, Anandalayas in Goalpara Vibhag performed Saamuhik Deepa Puja on November 30, 2023 after concluding their Monthly baithak. They drew inspiration from Amorpor Vibhag Aanandalayas, where a similar event took place a few days earlier.

A total of 24 people comprising of Aanandalaya Prabandhak, Pramukh and Acharyas participated in the Puja. Sri. Kirti Rabha, Goalpara Vibhag Pramukh, along with Smt. Insang Rabha, Darani Mandal Prabandhak, facilitated the event. Notably, Sri Jitendra Rabha, a Gram Samiti member also graced the occasion.

Despite unforeseen challenges, such as delayed travel and limited kumkum for ardhana, the Poojaks exhibited unwavering shraddha and dedication. They utilized the only available kumkum—from Sri Sri Kamakhya's own dwelling place—to commence the Puja after its distribution among all participants.

Sri Jitendra Rabha initiated the rituals by lighting the brass lamp and offering Chandan, Dhoop, Akshat, and Namaskars, invoking blessings from the Divine Mother, Sri Sri Kamakhya. The Poojaks collectively recited 108 Deepa Mantras, adorning their earthen diyas with kumkum, and concluded the ceremony with prayers for abundant blessings upon all present and absent, their families, relatives, ancestors (Pitrus), and the villages along with their surroundings.

Amidst the event, observations were shared regarding the positive influence of Aanandalayas on the community. An elderly Gram Samiti member remarked that the Sanskars in the Aanandalayas are good for the community, while an Acharya commended the shift in students' activities from TV watching to more productive engagement, including studying subjects, discussing Vivekananda Kendra publications, learning slokas, storytelling, and playing.

The event concluded with the distribution of soaked chana & coconut as Maha Prasad.

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