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Activity Based Learning (ABL) methodology WorkshopWe had very good experiences of two workshops last year on Activity Based Learning, one for the Languages and the other for the Maths & EVS teachers organised at VKV Tinsukia in March 2016. The teachers and principals being convinced and inspired by the science and process of the methodology, 5 VKVs started following the ABL methodology of learning for the first time in class I in the academic session 2016-17. The session completed successfully with many positive comments from parents, teachers and principals.

To enrich the teachers further, this session two workshops were conducted successfully, one on 27th & 28th February for Maths & EVS teachers and the other on 3rd & 4th March 2017 for language teachers who are already following the methodology. Both the workshops were aimed at concept enrichment activities (known as KIT box activities) and concept based dynamic introduction (known as rainbow activities) of all lessons. All 9 VKVs following ABL methodology were grouped in to 3 each and each group came prepared with activities for 1/3rd no. of mile stones (chapters) of class I & II in each subject i.e. three varieties of activities were made available for all chapters of all 5 subjects in classes I & II. All these activities were dynamically demonstrated by teachers of concern schools which surprised even many experienced teachers.

The best part of these workshops

All teachers were resource persons and all were learner in turn.

All teachers became active.

All teachers are enriched with sufficient activities chapter wise for both the classes

Teachers are well motivated, inspired and prepared for the coming session

Presentations of both the workshops were a sort of research work type.

The 3rd workshop on ABL methodology was on 7th & 8th March 2017. This was designed for the teachers who will be involving in ABL methodology for the first time in the session 2017-18. A total of 44 teachers including two principal/ in-charge participated from 8 VKVs. Special participation of VKV (NEC) Baragolai was there with 15 teachers and the Principal.

Why & how of the system i.e. starting from science of the system, its advantages, terminologies, introduction of logos, how to move in ladders, how to take cards from racks, how to move in various groups in the class room, how to create learning environment, how to support students, rainbow activities, KIT box activities, concept based Maths KITs demonstration, class demonstrations of the learners (teachers) etc. were dealt in details in various sessions in the two days workshop.

Involvement of VKV Tinsukia teachers in the 3rd workshop as resource persons is appreciable. Contribution of Smt. Vandana Puri, Primary Incharge, VKV Tinsukia, Smt. Swapna Yadav, ABL Incharge, VKV Tinsukia and Sri Prashant Chakraborty, Headmaster, VKV Badarpur is worth mentioning as coordinator cum resource persons in the workshops.

Su. Pranati Roy, Regional Administrative Officer, VKSPV was present in the concluding sessions of the 1st & 3rd workshops and in the inaugural session of the 3rd workshop. Her words and active participation in the workshops inspired the teachers. Sri Gurucharan Das’ words including VKV Tinsukia parents positive notes about ABL methodology and his presence in all 3 introduction sessions and concluding session of 1st and 3rd workshops, time to time participation in other sessions and involvement in the workshop with his team motivated the participating teachers and principals a lot. Su. Sarita didi, Nagar Sangathak, VK, Tinsukia also attended many sessions and inspired teachers in the concluding session of the second workshop.

Worth appreciating VKV Tinsukia team for systematic arrangement for all the three workshops.

- workshop - I workshop - II workshop - III Total
Dates 27 & 28 February 2017 3 & 4 March 2017 7 & 8 March 2017 -
No. VKVs 10 9 8 -
Total Attended 33 40 44 117
No. of Incharges 7 3 3 -

A huge publication work is also done for ABL methodology covering 10 subjects 5 each in class I & II like development of contents, designing of cards, group cards, ladder, worksheets and printing of all. The entire effort is given by our teachers, mostly VKV Tinsukia teachers. Their contribution is worth mentioning.

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