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On Day 1, Jayant Chawra, Aanandalaya Prakalp Pramukh - Praant Samiti, talked about Eknathji's stupendous effort in building Vivekananda Rock Memorial and founding Vivekananda Kendra. A live illustration in recent history of - One Life, One Mission, One Nation. 

The focus of the shibir was the Action Based Learning (ABL) for teaching Maths, Science, and Assamese/ Hindi/ English (for that matter any language) to the Aanandalaya children through physical activities, such as action songs, drama, games; visuals; stories; and finally the use of the black/ white board. Payal Singh, fellow member of Seva International, in association with the school teachers of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya - Tinsukia, researched and developed the ABL concepts and models. The beauty of these learning models is - not only an exercise for our brain cells and promotes observation skills for quick grasping, but also Payal demonstrated how to integrate these with our health, moral, civic, social sense, etc.

On Day 2, the participants learnt from Meera Kulkarni - Akhil Bharatiya Vishesh Prashikshan Samyojak, about holistic nation-building through Aanandalayas by applying one's 'Sharir, Man, Buddhi, and Aatma.'

On Day 3, Alaka Gauri - Assam Praant Sanghatak, dwelt on the essential qualities of Karyakartas and the 4-Ps of Karyakarta-making, namely Pick up, Pin up through Darshan of various Kendra activities, Pull up through Poshan like a mother, and Push up through Rakshan by setting an example.

Among the daily sessions were, Yoga Varga, Kendra Varga, Bhajan Sandhya, Prerna Se Punarutthan with Ajay Sawra's very inspiring insights, and loud reading that saw improved confidence levels in the Prabandhaks' reading and communicating abilities by Day 4. 

The shibir was an enriching experience for all, including the 22 Prabandhaks and 10 organizers. The Samapan Satra had Monju Kolita - Kamrup Vibhag Saha Sanchalak as the guest speaker. Extremely impressed with the Prabandhaks, Monju baideo emphasized the need for Aanandalayas to reach out to all the Janajatis of Assam.

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