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Due to the dire circumstances of the COVID-19 Pandemic VK-AICYAM has celebrated 7th International Yoga Day on 19th and 20th June 2021 in a virtual mode. Webinar On 19th June topic was "YOGA IN PANDEMIC SITUATION".

Speaking on the Topic “Yoga a way of life” as the first speaker of this webinar Dr Subash Chandra Dash, Associate professor, Head Department of Sanskrit, Utkal University, said “The land of India is a sacred since time immemorial and Yoga is the greatest contribution to the world. The world has learned a lesson in this pandemic and has acknowledged Yoga as a way of life. Dr. Dash mentioned the three kinds of sorrows adhyātmika, adhibhautika and adhidaivika. He also explained the six  SadhakaTattwa on the Path of Yoga- Enthusiasm (Utsah, Courage (Sahas), Perseverance (Dhairya), Discriminative knowledge (Tattvajnana), Determination (Nischaya), Aloofness from company (Janasanghaparityaga).

The Second speaker Professor Rabindranath Pati, department of anthropology Mekelle University East Africa, on the Topic “Yogic way of Energy balancing” mentioned about on Chakasand Ajapa Japa meditation.

The third speaker Dr.SANJIB KUMAR PATRA, Associate professor Yoga, Central University, Rajastahan on the topic“Yoga and Stress management” said “Stress is a threat to ourbody’s homeostasis. He discussed the sources of stress, fight and flight condition, stress hormones, how to identify the stress and manage the stress through Yoga”.

The 2nd day webinar was on 20thJune.Mananiya Sri Hanumantha Rao ji, All India Vice President of Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari has delivered lecture on “Yoga a Path towards Man-making”. Speaking on the topic Hanuji said “Yoga is the only path for man making because we can get good samskar through yoga. Man making is what is shown outside, should be what we are inside. Freedom from negative emotions e.g.  Kama (lust/craving), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (delusion), Mada (arrogance, vanity) and Matsarya (jealousy) is man making. Vrittis are the cause of our problems. MaharshiPatanjali point out how to transformation the vrittis. ChittaVrittinirodha is man making. Man making need a long time practice (dirgha kala nairantarya) with tapas (which will reduce our comforts), Asana (for bring stability in body and mind) and Pranayama (for capable the mind to remain focus our activity, work and attitude). Man making means develop the positive qualities, attitude and guna by inculcating four primary virtues i.e. Maitri (Friendship) ; Karuna (Compassion) Mudita (Joy) and Upekshanam (Indifference). As per Bharatiya sanatana Samskritithe world is one family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) and human being is a part of creation. So for the benefits of others through Seva yoga is Man making. Swami Vivekananda who is a Nabayuga Patanjali says Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity by controlling nature, external and internal. Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy - by one, or more, or all of these - and be free. This is man making.”

The two days’ live webinar witnessed  through youtube over  600 viewers. Prof. Dr. Basudev Chhatoi gave well come address, Prof. Dr. Nirmal Chandra Das presented the concluding remark with vote of thanks and Sri Ajaya Kumar sahoo co-ordinated the two-days webinar.

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