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Youth Motivational Camp at MaduraiAs part of the Youth Motivational programs to identify and channelize youth power potential into works of national significance with the dynamic idealism of the Patriot Saint Swami Vivekananda,

Madurai Branch of Vivekananda Kendra planned One Day Youth Motivation Camp, a series of classes to guide the youth in leading purposeful life. The Principal Dr. J. Suresh inaugurated the Camp on 07.04.2018 in the presence of Vice Principal Dr. Muthuvel, NSS coordinators and professors at The Madura College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Dr. Y. Natarajan, NSS Program officer and professor of commerce welcomed all. 

At the outset a patriotic song of Mahakavi Subhramanya Bharathi was sung by all. To the excitement of the youth value games were conducted by Karyakartas. A Group discussion held on “Chellanges from within and without” in which the youth shared their views freely and at last voluntarily one from each group presented the essence of the discussion . In the concluding session the youth were lauded for active participation and why to respond rather to react was explained through stories. The objective of man making and nation building was conveyed. The program was benefited 52 students.

As follow up of this program the youth were called for the Stanik KPS, residential camp in Madurai on May 2018. Furthermore they will take part in the series of Leadership Development Program.


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