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Vivekananda KendraA Pariwar Sammelan was organised by VK Baleswar on 8th July 2015. The Pariwar Sammelan started with Bhajan Sandhya. Mananeeya Nivedita Didi talked about ‘Adarsha Pariwar’ on the occasion.  Around 100 well-wishers participated in the programme.

VK Bhubaneswar organised a Vimarsha on Expressions of Oneness for the elites of Capital town. More than 120 elites were present for the lecture and participated in the discussion. Mananeeya Niveditadidi told, we all are inter-related, inter-connected and inter- dependent, if we doesn’t understand the truth we are going to destroy ourselves. The entire Bharatiya Sanskriti is based on this inter-relation, because we don’t say there is unity in diversity but we see the diversity as manifestation of the One – The Ishwara. If we understand this oneness and accept this diversity the entire world will be peaceful, there will be no atrocities on the name of colour, cast or religion. A meaningful discussion followed the lecture.

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