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Can a Caterpillar become a Zen master? What is 'inscape'? Can meditating over the ecology of the mind create a paradigm shift which can save the ecology of the planet? In this newsletter we present an excerpt from an interview of James Thornton, author and an eco-activist turned ecopsychologist. Read it in our newsletter. At VK-nardep we try to bring you various perspectives on saving the planet from across the cultures of our earth. We believe these varied tones and tunes sing the same song of love and affection to Mother Earth and help us explore and innovate our own ways of serving the planet and her countless communities of humans and non-human beings who share her womb.

We also present you a series of our activities in taking sustainable development forward in different areas: workshops on sustainable agriculture, workshop on traditional bone setting techniques, camps for training in Azolla and Bio-methanation plant technologies etc.ies etc.

It is one of the earliest issues that VK-nardep took up - 'energy village' or Shakti Gram' - a village self-sufficient in its energy needs through renewable energy technologies. In this newsletter we explore how we envisioned this idea almost 25 years ago and today where do we stand? We are sure you will also enjoy this time travel where going to the past we see how we foresaw our future possibilities.

Then in our wisdom section we have a musician and two mystics share their visions of Divinity in nature as well as future of humanity. We wish you all a very happy reading of our newsletter this month. You can download it all here.
( We are also happy to announce that our Gramodaya for Right Living exhibition is now online. Have an online experience of right living by clicking here ( Pasumai Vikatan is an important popular agricultural magazine aimed at green agriculture. They have a green helpline where you can here Dr. Kamalasanan Pillai of VK-nardep explain the Azolla technology. The greenline is : 044-668080300

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