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Yoga Shiksha Shivir at Kanyakumari

2024-05-02 00:31 To 2024-05-17 00:29
Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari
The Yoga Shiksha Shivir is a 15-day yoga camp organized by Vivekananda Kendra, a spiritual and social organization in India. The camp is designed to teach the basics of yoga to interested people of all levels of yoga experience.
कन्याकुमारी में योग शिक्षा शिविर
योग शिक्षा शिविर 22 नवंबर से 6 दिसंबर 2023 के बीच विवेकानन्दपुरम, कन्याकुमारी में आयोजित किया गया। शिविर में 74 प्रतिभागियों ने सहभाग लिया, जो तमिलनाडु, केरल, कर्नाटक, आंध्र प्रदेश, आसाम, दिल्ली, पश्चिम बंगाल, मध्य प्रदेश, गोवा और महाराष्ट्र जैसे विभिन्न राज्यों से आए थे।

Yoga Shiksha Shibir

2023-11-23 16:30 To 2023-12-07 16:30
Yoga Shiksha Shibir, a Foundation Course in Yoga. This course contains Detailed sessions on Yogasana and Pranayama theory and practicals by Yoga Experts.

Yoga Shiksha Shibir at Kashmir

2022-04-30 17:30 To 2022-05-11 08:30
10 days Residential Course Date : 30 june 2022 to 9 July 2022 Place : Vivekananda Kendra,Ramakrishana Mahasammelan Ashram, Nagdandi, Achabal, Anantnag, Kashmir- 192201 ( J&K)

Foundation Course in Yoga at Kanyakumari

2022-05-01 17:30 To 2022-05-16 14:30

Yoga Certificate Course @Kanyakumari

2021-11-22 17:30 To 2021-12-22 14:30
Training Center, Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari-629702
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