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"Let India (her) arise -- out of the peasants' cottage, grasping the plough; out of the huts of the fisherman, the cobbler, and the sweeper. Let her spring from the grocer's shop, from beside the oven of the fritter - seller. Let her emanate from the factory, from marts, and from markets. Let her emerge from groves and forests, from hills and mountains. These common people have suffered oppression for thousands of years -- suffered it without murmur, and as a result have got wonderful fortitude."

-Swami Vivekananda (Memories of European Travel)

Balwadi is very important part of education system in Vivekananda Kendra, which is pre - school concept is specially designed for children of rural Area. It is based on play - way method. Children are provided very meaningful games through that they can easily learn basic concept of Maths, Science and Language. Also carrying out some cultural activities which join child to their roots. Also provide mid-day food which simple but nruticious. There are total 220 Balwadies in Tamilnadu, Arunachal Pradesh and Maharastra.


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