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Vivekananda Kendra International

An initiative for inter-civilisational harmony through dialogue and understanding for building international understanding through Indian wisdom

Everything looks propitious and Indian thought, philosophical and spiritual, must once more go over and conquer the world.


First phase of Celebration Vivekananda Birth Century is Vivekananda Rock Memorial.Second phase - Vivekananda Kendra , a living memorial of swamiji and Third phase is Vivekananda Kendra International which is launched in 1982 and officially inaugurated in 2003.

 An initiative for inter-civilisational harmony through dialogue and understanding for building international understanding through Indian wisdom, thereby promoting the Indian cause at the international level. Vivekananda Kendra International is a humble, but determined beginning of a great national mission for global understanding.

As a great historian said "Western begins must have an Indian end". The western begins had heralded centuries of clashes and conflicts, the Indian mission at a global level is the only alternative.This is the goal of the Vivekananda Kendra International", its vision and mission.

As first part of the third phase, Vivekananda International Foundation which is the main highlight of Vivekananda Kendra International has been inaugurated on 1st December 2009.

Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) is a think tank set up with the collaborative efforts of India's leading security experts, diplomats, industrialists and philanthropists. The VIF’s objective is to become a centre of excellence to kick start innovative ideas and thoughts that can lead to a stronger, secure and prosperous India playing its destined role in global affairs.

Vivekananda Kendra International is global in perspective and in scale of operations, supported by an extensive infrastructure manned by a dedicated workforce of proven intellectual competence and integrity. the constitution and work of Vivekananda Kendra International will allow India to promote the greatness of its culture and wisdom, and endeavour to overcome the challenges that we face at a global scale. Drawing from the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Vivekananda Kendra International will provide a new international platform to the Indian voice, by creating awareness about Indian philosophy and ancient wisdom towards propagating global peace and harmony and preventing the predicted clashes among civilizations.

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