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Date: 6th March 2021
Time: 10am to 5pm.
Total Karyakartas attended: 31

Homage to the well wishers, Karyakartas, Jawans and all those who worked for our Motherland was done by chanting of Sri Ram Jai Ram... 11 times concluding with Poornamada Poornamidam.

Welcome and Introduction: Radha Didi
All the Karyakartas introduced themselves with their responsibility.

Mananeeya Lakshmi Didi guided on the topic: Vyakti Ko Samaj Se Jodne Ki Sadhana.

Baithak Geet was Dharma Ke Liye Jiye Samaj Ke Liye Jiye.... By Kalyani Didi.

Baithak Sanchalan: Shri. Vinodji (Sanchalak-- VK Kerala Vibhag)

Discussion on Amrita Parivar, EBVB planning etc were part of the Baithak.

Concluded at 5pm with Manaeeya Lakshmi Didi's Blessings, Shanti Mantra followed by Kendra Prarthana by: Sudhakarji.

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