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Nature again and again reminds us that we are too small when we face a natural disaster. Cyclone Ockhi was the most intense tropical cyclone in the Arabian Sea. Ockhi originated as a low pressure area in the Gulf of Thailand on November 21and hit Kanyakumari on November 30. While near Kanyakumari, Cyclone Ockhi changed its path and headed towards Lakshadweep in the Arabian Sea, gaining strength and transforming into a super cyclone. It caused severe damages to structures and property and also claiming the lives of a few people. The cyclone uprooted coconut trees and caused extensive damages to houses, power lines and other infrastructure.

Such disasters remind us the need for Sustainable Development and living in tune with Nature. We at Rameswaram are trying to evolve such model through ‘Green Resilient Rameswaram’ project.

s month’s newsletter has the following highlights:

p>Note on our partner ‘BASIL Energetics’receiving the Global Climate Solver award for 2016 along with the highlights of heir achievements.

Namasivaya Ulavaara Pani Group’s Shramdan and World toilet day programme under Solid waste management.

Dr.M. Amirthalingam of C.P.R. Environmental Educational Center writes about Medicinal plant. This month he gives the details of White Gulhoar tree.

Finally, the work to build Social Capital and a novel programme of ‘Green newsletter’ by the students of Parvathavardhini School, Rameswaram.

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