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Arun Jyoti

Arun Jyoti celebrated the IDY in 18 balwadis & 13 Anandalays


Vivekananda Kendra branch Seppa conducted to yoga satra on 10th june to 20th june 2023 our yoga satra final day on the auspicious occasion of International Day of yoga


Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari Branch Aalo observed 9th International Day of yoga at Govt. Sec SchoolKambo .In presence of Sah Nagar Pramukh Henmar Ete, Yuwa Pramukh Sri Ribom Lendo and Ignited Youth Forum Kamba Unit and 80 participants.

VKAJ Deomali Nagar

On 21st June 2023 Vivekananda Kendra Arun Jyoti Deomali Nagar successfully celebrated INTERNATIONAL DAY of YOGA Collaboration with District Administration Deomali sub-division.The program was graced by Hon'ble Minister PHEd WS and Do TCL Sh Wangki Lowang sir along with ADC,Madam Deomali.ZPM,HODs and Principal of WRG College ,GHSS students and NCC cadets and NSS Volunteer from WRG College Deomali and police personnel public leaders .At College Auditorium. Besides we have been sale book stall it's related of Yogas. Yoga instructor sh Changgan Kolong and Demonstrator sh Seliam Gangsa and Poto Rangwang...Thank you.


Vivekananda Kendra Karyakarta lead Hon'ble Governor and first lady of the state Lt Gen Kaiwalya Trivikram Parnaik, PVSM, UYSM, YSM (Retd) at Raj Bhavan Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.


School had conducted two programs during the International Yaga day.1.Online Yoga Quiz conducted by Ministry of Ayush.2.School level Yoga following the protocol of International Yoga day.


The International Yoga day began by emphasising on the signifinance of the day. All teachers and students participated enthusiastically. A mass Yoga was conducted in the school verandah as well as in their respective classes. No guest could be invited for the programme as because of rain we had no place. But the programme was conducted successfully.


It is organised in collaboration with PTC BANDERDEWA


VKV Mukto celebrated International Day of Yoga in a befitting way with all the students, staff, C.Os Mukto, CRC, BRC, BEO and villagers of Mukto. The function was started in two places- one was in the Sports Club Mukto, where C.O Mukto Circle, CRC, BRC, BEO and other dignitaries and villagers were present. The demonstration was one by Sri Raj Kumar Sahani. The other venue was in the school prayer hall. The primary student performed Yoga in the school premises which was demonstrated by Sri Dipok Chetri. The programme was started at 07-00 A.M. Warm-up exercises were taken followed by the standing, siting asanas and pranayama. All the students and staff, officials and villagers participated very actively.


VKV NEEPCO Kimi Conducted Yoga in 5 different villages - Pachhis village, Rai Colony, Upper Colony for the villagers and the students of the respective village. The other two locations were NEEPCO NRC building for NEEPCO Officials and the school for the students. In all the venues, yoga was conducted as per common protocol in a befitting manner.


VKV Longding celebrated International Yoga Day with students, teachers, wellwisher and Assam Rifles. The programme was conducted in two places in school and with District Administration. MLA Longding Sri Tanpho Wangnaw grace the occasion and he highlighted about the importance of Yoga. All the participants enthusiastically performed Warm-ups Exercises, Yogasanas, Breathing Exercises , Surya Namaskar and Pranayama.


A mass yoga display was performed as per the yoga protocol. To discover the sense of Oneness with yourself, the world and the nature.The students are appreciable as they were trying to give their best performance in the yoga. 4. Four components of Yoga Way of life ( inter-connected - inter-related - inter-dependent). 5. The yoga teacher made the students to practice the different types of yogas.During the games period in school hour and hostel games hour. All the students performed it very enthusiastically.


By following common Yoga protocol of Ayush mantralaya, Govt. of India, VKV koloriang observed 9th International Day of Yoga at three different venues. We have conducted yoga program at our Vidyalaya. We have organised with the collaboration of Govt.Higher secondary school, Koloriang at Govt H.S. School. Our 60 students and 3 staffs participated with District Administration in the yoga program at koloriang Helipad.

VKVRAGA ( Kamle district)

The 9th International Yoga Day was celebrated in VKV RAGA in collaboration with District Morcha and Mondals BJP unit of Kamle district alongwith Delpu Multipurpose Co-operative Society where Ex- MLA Sri Tamar Murtem and Sri Raju Murtem Assistant Project Officer DRDA and SBI Raga branch officers participated with us.The chief guest Ex MLA spoke about how yoga is accepted in the world which was our sages did in past to keep fitness of mind,body and soul.It also rejuvenates our body and keep us calm. . All were happy to participate in this auspicious day as it help us to stay physically and mentally fit to do our day to day activities . In yoga session Breathing exercises, Loosening exercise, Surya namaskar and asanas were done. The session was concluded with Yoga mantra followed by Sarve Bhavantu sukhinaha. At the end the light refreshments ware distributed among all the participants.


EMRS Bana celebrated the 9th International Yoga Day with Smt. leegang Ampi, Extra Assistant Commissioner Bana and her team along with Sri Mije Degio, Zila Parishad Member and Govt. Middle School Bana by following the protocol as sent by VKVAPTrust and Social Justice Empowerment and Tribal Affairs, Department Itanagar. The programme was conducted in three different venues (girls' prayer hall, boys' prayer hall and mess hall) due to insufficient space and incessant rain. The program started and concluded as per the tradition of Vivekananda Kendra. The program included, invocation, welcome and significance of the day , speech, with loosening exercises, sitting, standing and and laying Ashanas, Prayanama along with mantra and a small display of rhythmical Yoga Ashnas by girls of EMRS Bana.

VKV Sher

International Yoga Day celebrated. We have invited parents and medical team from Kimin. A total of 149 participants were present. Yoga and Asanas were according to the protocols.

VKV Niausa

International Day of Yoga Date: 21/06/2023 VKV Niausa has celebrated  the 9th International Day of Yoga on 21st June at the School premises ( for primary section) and Prayer hall ( for middle & secondary section) under a same banner . The programme was started with lightening lamp by Sri Sanjib Kar, the Principal of the school followed by Ekya mantra. Sri Amarendra Kr. Pandey sir delivered a speech on significance of the day. After that the all students along with teaching and non teaching staffs enthusiastically performed warming exercises, Yogashanas, Breathing exercises, Pranayama and Meditation, guided by Sri Kshirud Borgohain sir, the Physical education teacher of the school. Total 221 students,15 staffs ( teaching & Non teaching) and 2 parents were participated in the programme and the programme was concluded with Shanti mantra.


Conducted the programme according to prescribe protocol. Included the staff and students of nearby school. Essay writing competition was conducted on the theme of International Yoga Day 2023. The yoga practice was followed by meditation and Sankalp. Significance of the day was introduced in front of the participants by Sri Rajeev Kumar Shingh. The Yoga practice session was taken by Su. Roshni Viswakarma.

Aalo, West Siang

VKV Jirdin conducted International Yoga Day at Jirdin village and at school according to the protocol. Yoga was done by students , Teaching staff.and non-teaching.At Jirdin village the villagers were narrated on their language by Su Gome Riba and explained the benifits of Yoga.They liked and continue in their daily routine, due to heavy rain the participants were less. At School Su. Kajal Neog Phukan and the students of class IX explained the benifits of Yoga in our daily life.


IYD prigarm was celebrated at three different places. For vkv joram students it was held in the school auditorium. For Govt Sec School Joram students and staffs it was organized in Govt school Auditorium. Two of our teachers were invited as a resource person at Palin . Both of them conducted the program at palin Kra Dadi District.


We have conducted program in 4 places. In our school with NEEPCO official, students and teachers. We also conducted it YAZALI Health Centre, Yazali General ground with Hounarable minister education,and in Abotani Academic School.


1) VKV Basar had celebrated International Yoga Day in school premises with a total of 171 students. 2) All teachers & students performed standing & sitting asanas & importance was also explained simultaneously. 3) Principal didi highlighted the physical & mental benefits of practicing yoga in daily life. 4) All the participants performed yoga very enthusiastically. 5) The programme ended with Kendra prathana.


International Yoga Day, as instructed by District Administration Tezu, was organised centrally for all the schools and other departments of Tezu township at Amik Ringya Hall, Tezu which started from 7.00AM and lasted upto 8.00AM. Our students from classes VI - X and school staff members joined in this programme. In our school too we organised International Yoga Day by arranging yoga sessions in our small prayer hall room as it was raining outside. Our school programme started with a speech by the Principal where he told about the history of International Yoga Day, the theme of 9th International Yoga Day and importance of yoga for the students.


The international day of Yoga was celebrated in VKV ChayangTajo with the aim to encourage all to make yoga a part of life. The school also organised a mega event in collaboration with 54BNT ITBP in the Conference hall of ADC office. All the Education institutions of Chayang Tajo participated in the event enthusiastically.


The international day of Yoga was celebrated in VKV ChayangTajo with the aim to encourage all to make yoga a part of life. The school also organised a mega event in collaboration with 54BNT ITBP in the Conference hall of ADC office. All the Education institutions of Chayang Tajo participated in the event enthusiastically.


Our school celebrated 'International Day of Yoga' at school in which students of VKV Wessang, KGBV Wessang and Oju Mission School, Wessang participated along with 20 teaching staffs. Also, celebrated at Nyedar Namlo Seppa by Vivekanada Kendra Nagar Samiti, Karyakartaas, few students, parents etc. The programme was done after the 4th periods. The celebration was successfully conducted.

Vkv vivek vihar

Today, the 9th edition of International Yoga day was celebrated in VKV-Vivek Vihar with full spirit and enthusiasm .All the students from class I to VIII and staff participated in mass yoga class wise in the prayer hall. The classes were conducted without any disturbance up to 2:20 pm. It was not possible to conduct yoga in the field due to rain. A drawing competition was conducted for class III to V with the theme ‘Humanity’ .A total number of 223 students participated in it. Certificates were distributed to successful students. 5 students from our school won different position and received prize money and certificates participating in drawing and painting competition conducted by Directorate of Sports, Arunachal Pradesh.


All the staff members and students participated in the Yoga as per government protocols conducted in the School.A group of students and teachers went to Government Higher secondary school Kharsang and conducted programme in which all the children of senior classes participated.Few Assam Rifles soldiers also participated in the programme.

VKVAPT Administrative Office Dibrugarh

The program was conducted in the Prayer hall VKVAPT Dibrugarh Office in presence of Su. Sujatha didi, Secretary VKVAPT Smt. Pratibha didi, Joint Secretary VKVAPT, Shri Arun Raj Singh Shekhawat ji, Administrative Officer VKVAPT, and and Su. Aparna Didi. The Yoga geet as per Govt Protocol was sung by Shri Animesh. This was followed by a discussion on the importance of Yoga in daily life. Each member expressed opinion. Then all members together did Yoga as per Govt Protocol. Before Shanti Mantra and Kendra Prarthana, all took Yoga pledge.


1. Kr Tana Dominic of class XII spoke in the assembly on importance of the day.2. The day started with lighting of lamp by Sri. Tadam Ligu Superintending Engineer and SSG chairman Smt. Biri Yalik.3. The students were taken to auditorium batchwise and yogasanas were performed as per protocol.4. Sri. Dhanaji Bendavadekar and Sri. Prakash Bora guided the students. 5. 9 students from classes VII and VII lead the program.


On 21st June 2023 vkv yingkiong celebrated International yoga day in multipurpose hall of Yingkiong along with other govt. schools and govt. officials and general public. In the program DC of Yingkiong, Helath minister of Arunachal Pradesh and other officials were present. Around 545 participants were in the program. Our students from VI to X and all the teachers also took part.After this program we also observed yoga day in our own school along with our students. All the classes from primary to higher were taught yoga and aske to practice in daily life. The day ended with yoga as usual after the prayer.


All the students from classes III to X (325 students) and all the teaching, non-teaching staffs (17 staffs) had done the yoga, pranayama and take the pledge in the auditorium and had conducted another two programmes at Subansiri Valley Public School (65 students) and HCF Academy (25 students) lead by Sri Tilak Buragohain , PET to encourage the students to do Yoga regularly, and through yoga spread the theme of “Basudevo Kutumbakam” to the society.

VkV Nivedita Vihar,Seijosa

The IYD was celebrated with a theme of ' yoga for vasudev kutumbakam ' to promote it's holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual well being of students, staff and family members of VKV Nivedita Vihar.A short speech was delivered by the PHE teacher and a student of class x on yoga and it's benifits.They tell us that how Loosening exercise ,yoga and pranayam can make miracles in our day to day life . Yogasanas like vriksasan,padahastasan,ardhchakrasan etc, were done flawlessly.


1.The programme was conducted in great enthusiasm. Sri. Ringu Takap B. R. C cum DIPRO of NYAPIN Circle was the Chief Guest for the programme. He gave a wonderful speech on yoga and contribution of our ancestors such as GREAT SADHU for the development of yoga. He also expressed the benefit of yoga for our health. The students were performed physical exercise followed by surya namaskar and various Ashnas.

Nirjuli ( Capital Complex) : Dist: Papumpare, Arunachal Pradesh

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Nirjuli celebrated 9th International day of Yoga 2023 with the theme “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” in a befitting manner in collaboration with State NSS Cell, Directorate of higher and technical education, Itanagar. The event, held on 21st June 2023, witnessed a remarkable turnout and showcased the dedication of the participants towards promoting yoga.Chief Guest: Man. Nivedita Raghunath Bhide (Vice President of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari) Notable Dignataries: Sri. Rupesh Mathur (Joint Secretary, VKV Arunachal Pradesh Trust, Dibrugarh), Sri. Giamde Tamin (Secretary, Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas Alumni Association) and Smt. K.K Reena (Education Officer, Papumpare Cluster & Principal, VKV Nirjuli)


9th International Yoga Day was celebrated in the auditorium of VKV Roing on 21st June jointly by VKV Roing, District Administration, Department of Ayush, Lower Dibang Valley, and Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Roing to raise awareness about the various benefits of practising yoga. The programmes were conducted in two phases: one in the morning at 7 am involving NSS unit of VKV, HoDs of various Departments, District Administration, Dept. of Ayush and students and teachers of Govt. Hr. Sec. School Roing where 230 participated and the other was during the school hour where 670 students and teachers participated. Speech, yoga practice, literary programmes like essay writing competition for class VII to IX on the topic ‘Yoga wellbeing/One Earth One Family One Future’, Drawing & Painting Competition for class I to VI on ‘yoga for daily life’ and Written Quiz for class XI to XII on ‘Yoga for Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’.

VKV Ziro

Conducted yoga program in district level in which Sri Kiren Rijiju, Union minister; Er Tage Taki, honourable minister of Agriculture and and all other HODs like DC, SP were present. It was conducted in the pristine Sikhe lake.Our trained students and teachers conducted the program beautifully which was appreciated by all. Later a program was conducted in school campus in which all the students and staffs took part.


We trained the near by three schools such as Govt.S Yealiang,Govt.HS Geko and Middle school Hatiduba.and on the day of International yoga day all the three school higher class students joined the programme along with escort teachers.The chief guest of the programme was ZPM,SUNPURA circle,Smt.Angenlu Minin Chaitam,Honourable EAC,Sri.Vikaram Bellai,OC of SUNPURA police station, Principal Hr.Secondary Geko and gram panchayat chairpersons and few well-wishers attended the programme.Based on protocol provided govt of India it was conducted.Oath taking was done in the last.Social service in the campus was organised the local administration in the campus.


1. The program was conducted in three different places for three different groups. 2. The primary level, the upper primary level, the public group, 3.The importance and the precautions of performing yoga explained, 4.The students and the public taken the ought to do the regular practice, 5. Two of our parents told that they will initiate the program in their colony for ten neighbors.


Yoga was conducted at two places VKV Oyan and Govt.Hr. Secondary School sille. Photography challenge competition with asanas was organised. Parents and well wishers participated in the programme. Students also participated in an online Yoga Mudra contest


VKV Seijosa celebrated the nineth International Day for Yoga in a fervent way with the target group of students and staff of the Vidyalaya and the staff of Third Indian Reserve Battalion, Monoi at two venues.


The day is celebrated in 3 different phases.1st with 67 hostellers & staffs 2ndly around 100 participants with Local administration, Panchayat and SSB and in 3 rd phase 250 Day-Scholar participants .


On 21st June '2023, Our school observed the International Day of Yoga. The programme started at 7:15 am with an attendance of 197 including 182 students, CIC (Subansiri Cluster), 7 teachers, and 8 supporting staffs. Shri. Chandan Upadhyay sir highlighted the importance of the day followed by the speech of Jaishankar sir (CIC). Thereafter the yoga session was conducted by our PT teacher, Rashmi Rekha Das. The programme ended by chanting Shanti mantra.


The 9th International Yoga Day was celebrated with immense enthusiasm and grandeur at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Jairampur with active participation of students and staff members (no. of participants 428). Sri. Laisam Simai, MLA, 51 Nampong (ST) Assembly Contituency and Govt. officials visited the campus with same purpose. The whole session remain busy with the various activities of the participants. Sri. L. R Singh (PT Teacher) visited Lalpur Middle school, Kovin, Jairampur to conduct Yoga session and make the students aware of the importance of the yoga day.


VKV-BALIJAN celebrated the International Yoga Day, in its school premises, in a grand way. The heavy rains that lashed the Balijan did not dampen the spirit of the students. The total students attended the programme are 465 and 22 staff members and in three locations (Main Prayer hall, hostel prayer hall and assembly stand). From Government Higher Secondary school, 10 girl students also attended the programme. The school organized a surplus of activities for students of all classes ranging from asanas to pranayam as per direction given by Man. Bhanudas ji. The students stretched their arms, bent their legs, rolled their neck and twisted every sinew in their body with greater dexterity, in a spectacular synchronicity with English and Hindi instructions from Shri Hari Prasad Sharma and Su. Kenbom Kamduk. Vrikshasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana, etc., were the few asanas performed on the occasion. The school had also arranged for a speech highlighting the importance of yoga in a student’s life. Shri Shyamal Chakraborty , Principal shares, “Yoga nurtures the healthy mind in every school-going child”. The role of yoga in school therefore, becomes significantly important. The schools being convergent centers can play a path breaking role in the growth and development of the nation. Realizing this, the school, has already included yoga in its routine for all hostellers every day. The day came to conclusion with the recitation of Shantimantra and the students and teachers carrying home the message that, “Yoga is not for only one – it’s for everyone, Yoga is not for a day - it’s for everyday”.


International Yoga Day was observed in our school. We invited the teachers and students of school, members of Ganging, GPC Liromoba, and members of ICDS project Liromoba,

International Day of Yoga – Arunachal Pradesh

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