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Dated: March 22nd, 2021
Venue: Auditorium, CUJ
Present: 70

The report of the launch program is as follows:
1. Program started with a Geet and Shanti Path.
2. Program Convener, Vivek Ji and Chief guest, Manas Ji lit the lamp in the cheerful presence of respected Professors.
3. Dr. Vivek Ji (Chair Professor) presented a welcome address.
4. YIKT Program was inaugurated with unveiling of booklets by Manas Ji and Vivek Ji. Core team for YIKT CUJ was also announced.
5. To familiarize all with the YIKT program, brief presentation was given to all.
6. Manas Ji, Chief guest addressed the gathering and appealed the students to register for the program.
7. In last, launch program was concluded with Shanti Mantra. Then, all had tea.

Plan in action: 27 students registered on the first day of the program.

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