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Vivekananda KendraVK Brahmapur organised Vimarsha (A dialogue for Creative Leaders) on 6th July 2015. The topic for the discussion was ‘The Ideal of Seva’. Mananeeya Niveditadidi  told about the concept of Real Seva – the formation of Ideal Social Order. Only fulfilling basic needs is preliminary seva but we have to form such a ideal society where the basic needs of everyone would be automatically taken care by. It was followed by question – Answer session. In the concluding remarks Prof. Pramod Kumar Sahu added that the society needs this real, ideal service for the better social and spiritual life.  An odia book on Kendra Prarthana ‘Lakhya o Path’ was also released on the occasion.  The 250 elites from the Brahmapur town attended the programme. 

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