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In continuation with the publishing of the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda which can form the basis of a Indian environmental movement, this month we publish an excerpt from him lecture at New York, 'The Real and Apparent Man'. He points out that there is a changeless connecting principle behind the apparent changing diversity of phenomena we see in nature. He says:

"To the vast majority of men nature appears to be only a changing, whirling, combining, mingling mass of change. Few of us ever have a glimpse of the calm sea behind.... There is then but one all-comprehending existence, and that one appears as manifold. This Self or Soul or Substance is all that exists in the universe....Look at the waves in the sea. Not one wave is really different from the sea, but what makes the wave apparently different? Name and form; the form of the wave and the name which we give to it, "wave". This is what makes it different from the sea. When name and form go, it is the same sea. Who can make any real difference between the wave and the sea? So this whole universe is that one Unit Existence; name and form have created all these various differences."

We are very happy to inform you that the renovation ofRameshwaram Teerthams has entered a crucial phase. We have a detailed three page report. It has the testimony of the local people. The report shows the Punya that comes with this sacred-humanitarian and environmental work. The transformation of Nakula Teertham, Sahadeva Teertham, Sugreeva Teertham,Angadha Teertham and Jambavan Teertham as well as their usage by local community both for day-to-day use and also in the rituals of passage - is a sight to behold. We invite you to read and share this report with your friends and relatives. We have also uploaded a video - a concept and blueprint for  a Green Rameshwaram - creating a green sustainable pilgrimage for this age old holy island, which is the most urgent thing this holy island pilgrimage deserves. It is an uphill task but it is a task worth taking. We are sure you will accept it after spending 11 minutes of your time viewing this video.

Also read our regular happenings. Azolla Training camps, Bio-Methanation plant training and outreach.  We have shared an experience of our doctor from the green health home. Workshop on ethnic medicine brings together generations to share conserve and revive the local medical wisdom. Local press has reported on the Shakthi surabhi our bio-methanation plant. In the publication section we have presented an excerpt on the dying wisdom on the water harvesting system. Here is a beautiful eco-fact from our excerpt: Over 500,000 of the old tanks still survive to this day. It has been calculated that tanks restored or built over 3 % of India's land area could store one quarter of the nation's rainfall.

Can trees communicate to your innermost spirit? Why should we serve fellow beings? How can education be flexible and receptive to all things around? In our wisdom section you can read Swami Sivananda explaining how service is a Sadhana for Self-realization.  Famous novelist Hermann Hesse gives a poetic and spiritual view of the trees. Mother of Pondicherry explains why a flexible all educative environment makes the mind and brain growth more flexible and hence more creative.

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