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Youth Camps in Gujarat and Maharastra

There was two subsequents youth camps in Gujarat and Maharastra named "Vijay J Vijay" and "Vijay Purn Vijay" on occasion of Samarth Bharat Parva.

Main Purposes of camps are...

To introduce youth to their own infinite energies and potentialities. To inspire them with thoughts of Swami Vivekananda. With the message 'We , Not I', encourage social brotherhood, cooperation and harmony. To understand oneness of Self which expands to Family, Society and Nation.

Routine started at 4:30 & ended at night 9:30 having different sessions of Yogasan, Pranayam, Discussion. Session on Culture and Future of India and role of youth in it, Patriotic Songs, intellectual games, tales of our freedom fighters, Bhajans and Evolution by Inspiration session. Whole the day activity is scientifically designed by Kendra's 35 year experience, which shall become turning point of their life.

In Gujarat (24-28 Dec 2008), camp was inaugurated by NaredraJi Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, with very optimistic inspiring address, beyond the political on 25th, Thursday morning. He covers point of message of Swami Vivekananda for youth. One first day Baudhik Varg (Intellectual Lecture) by Mananeeya Shri MukulJi Kanitkar, Prant Sangathak, Vivekananda Kendra & Secretary of Vivekananda Kendra International and Smt. JyotiBen Thanki, an Educationalist introduced subject "Punya Bhumi Bharat". On 26, Friday, Mananeeya Shri RajendrashinhJi Rana, MP & a grandson of SardarShinhJi Rana ignited youth by addressing on subject "Visva Vijay No AtmaVishwash". On third day Youth was very much inspired by Mananeeya NiveditaDidi, who gave idea & means of "Purna Vijay". Mananeeya Kum. IndumatiBen Katdare focus on "Sacha Bharat Ni Shodh". Concluding session held on 28th morning, in which Shri Adhiya, Secretary of Education, Gujarat gave Five point to youth for bright future of self & nation. And finally Mananeeya Kum. NiveditaDidi call to youth to walk on way which Swami Vivekananda has shown to us for Making our Motherland BharatMata JagatGuru.
Total 1154 youths, coming from various part of Gujarat took benefit of this camp.

In Maharashtra (1-4 Jan 2009), camp was inaugurated by Managing Director of Gajanand Maharaj Trust on morning of KalpTaruDivas, as on 1st January Thakur Ramkrisna Paramhansa has taken Samadhi. Mananeeya NiveditaDidi gave introductory address. Mananeeya AshokJi Modak had taken session on "PunyaBhumi Bharat". Mananeeya VivekJi Ghialasasi introduced subject "Vishva Vijay Cha Atmaviswas". Mananeeya Shri Prakash Pathak focus on subject "Sachche Bharat Ki Shodh". Mananeeya Shri SunilJi Chinchodakar special session on inspiration incidents of Maharaj Sivaji's life, historical victory against Mughals,Vijay Kashan. Concluding session taken by Mananeeya Niveditadidi call to youth to walk on way which Swami Vivekananda shown us for Making India Jagatguru.
Total 1276 participent came from various part of Maharashtra ,few participent also from Ladakh (who are studying in Maharashtra).

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