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Namaste All,

Gurupurnima was celebrated on 24th July 2021 by Vivekananda Kendra, Karnataka Vibhaga through Zoom meeting.

In this Program, 155 people participated from all over Karnataka.

The program was conducted by 5 Samskara Vargas children of Karnataka. The actives are mentioned below

•    Anchoring and Welcome By Sri Tuvish and Sri Hemanth of Hanuman Samskara Varga (Mysore)
•    Prayers By Kum. Ankita of Prahalada Samskara Varga (Bangalore)
•    Guru Astakam By Kum. Vaishnavi of Nachiketa Samskara Varga (Bangalore)
•    Invocation Dance (Guruvandana) Sri Rahul and kids of Nachiketa Samskara Varga (Bangalore)
•    Guru Stotra By Sri Ganesh K P of Dhruva Samskara Varga (Bangalore)
•    "Sages of India" - Talk in Sanskrit By Sri Charukantan of Nachiketa Samskara Varga (Bangalore)
•    Swadhyaya Varga Presentation on Adi Shankaracharya By Chandrashekar Bhaiyya of Swadhyaya Varga 
•    Introduction of Chief Guest Swami Ekagamyananda Ji of RK Math, Mangaluru By Kum. Manasa of VKV Kallubalu 
•    Introduction of Ma.Hanu Ji By Smt Shobha of VK Dharwad 
•    Vote of Thanks By Sri Natarajan of Prahalada Samskara Varga 

The gist of Chief Guest Talks:

Swami Ji Ekagamyanandaji Maharaj spoke about the importance of Guru parampara and How human beings are the most beneficiary creature. Swami Ji also spoke about Guru shishya relationship with small stories of Sri Ramkrishna Parmahamsa and Swami Vivekananda where Swami Vivekananda ji was always testing his guru Sri Ramakrishna Parmahamsa and Sri Ramakrishna was appreciative of the tests.

Ma. Hanumanth Rao Ji spoke about Maharishi Veda Vyasa and His work .Also briefly explained how Vyasa Created the system to Preserve the Knowledge and how bhartiyas has preserved and transmitted the knowledge revealed by maharishis. Ma. Hanu ji also spoke about how human life should be purposeful and not only successful. One should work to make life Purposeful.

Thank you all the Karyakartas to make this event successful and Purposeful by spreading the awareness on importance of Gurupurnima.

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