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Yoga Shiksha Shivir at Kanyakumari

The Yoga Shiksha Shivir is a 15-day yoga camp organized by Vivekananda Kendra, a spiritual and social organization in India. The camp is designed to teach the basics of yoga to interested people of all levels of yoga experience.

Camp Overview:

  • Duration: 15 days (fully residential)
  • Location: At the picturesque Vivekanandapuram campus in Kanyakumari
  • Food: Vegetarian and sattvic (pure)


Who Can Participate?

  • Any physically and mentally fit person aged 18 to 65.
  • Anyone with an interest in exploring more about yoga.


What will be covered in the Camp?

  • Learn the basic principles of yoga.
  • Learn and Practice basic Yogasanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and dhyana (meditation).
  • Participate in insightful sessions on yoga philosophy and its application to daily life.


Why Participate?

  • Learn yoga in its true essence, beyond its physical and mental benefits.
  • Improve your holistic well-being: physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Connect with other yoga practitioners, enthusiasts, and professionals.
  • Learn from experienced yoga instructors.

If you are interested in delving deeper into the practice of yoga, the Yoga Shiksha Shivir is an excellent opportunity. The camp is affordable and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.


How to Register?

Fill out the Online Registration Form by Clicking Here 

Shibir Office In-charge
Vivekananda Kendra,
Training Center, Vivekanandapuram,
Kanyakumari - 629 702

Phone: +91 63011-34055
Email: [email protected]

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Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari
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