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vkvtinsukiasankardev1On 23 August 2017, Vidyalaya celebrated Srimanta Sankardev Punyatithi in the school campus. Srimanta Sankardev, the spiritual giant of India who was the founder of Eksaran Naam Dharma and Vaishanabhism is Assam. His contribution to the literature, art & culture, dramatics and social sphere made this land known to the World. A group of secondary students presented Naam Sankirtan, A video documentary depicting Gurujana’s life and work, Naam prasanga by the teachers and devotees from NaamGhar were the events of the celebration. Secondary students and teachers decorated Thapona, a place where the Holy Bhagabata is kept and worshipped. More than 500 students and teachers took part in the naam prasanga. A small speech was delivered by a student and a teacher, glorifying ths Great personality of our Country. Media coverage of the programme was done by NewsTime & Peak News channel. Tradition MuguMaah Prasad was distributed to all at the end of the celebration.


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