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Vivekananda Kendra Mysore April Month ReportSri Ramanavami Celebration: On 5th April we observed Sri Ramanavami at Kendra. Smt. Vita Bai Didi narrated Tulasi Ramayana and Bhajan. Mass Annaseva organised near about 800 people took prasadam. Evening Bhajan conducted.

Personality Development Camps :  For Strengthen the  Samskara Vargas, we  conducted Personality Developments camps at following places. In all camps we focused on Samskara varga.

1. At Jayanagar: from 01.04.2017 to 10.04.2017 total 25 students attended. 

2. At Roopanagar Vistar: from 02.04.2017 to 9.4.2017 total 15 students attended.

3. At Jayanagar: from 11.04.2017 to 24.04.2017 total 18 students attended

4. At Varkod vistar : from 13.04.2017 to 15.04.2017 total 30 students attended.

Dr. B R Ambedkar’s Jayanti:  On 14th Dr. B R Ambedkarji’s jayanti celebrated at Kendra.  Sri Rameshji talked about Dr. Ambedkarji. On this occasion Youth wing started with 15 youths.  Every Sunday Youth wing activities started. 

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