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On the occasion of swami Vivekananda jayanti, Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, branch surat has conducted two Yuva workshop  at Barfiwala Commerce college & at G.D Gabani commerce college for one hrs  in which 200 +120=320 Youths has participated. Topic of the  workshop was “Aj ke paripeksh me Vivekananda ”.  

Vivekananda say’s “WORK IS Worship” . With this motto, Vivekanada Kendra Kanyakumari, Branch surat  has assembled at Karyalaya. In which 16 karyakartas have actively participated. We had planned for the Sampark to the patron members (approx. 900). So we have decided to send written postal card . Writing postal card, address pasting, stamping address of the return Sampark, cutting address paper were done during the two hours celebration.   

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